Thursday, April 18, 2024 | 21:42 WIB

Sandi: We file the lawsuit to MK to restore Indonesian Democracy


IO, Boston – Sandiaga Uno, in Boston, USA, for a short family visit, revealed his reason for rejecting the results of the recent election, and filing a related lawsuit with the Constitutional Court (MK).

Sandi was interviewed by the VOA, and stated that in submitting the issue to the Constitutional Court, his campaign team expected MK to amend and correct basic imperfections, so the problem will not repeat itself; this is for the sake of restoring true Indonesian Democracy.

“By (filing a lawsuit with the MK), we can perfect our system of democracy. If we give up on this, and just say ‘Oh, congratulations’ and move-on, our country will never repair its own electoral system,” said Sandi.

In respond to critical comments from a number of parties stating that the evidence submitted by his campaign team was flimsy, Sandi replied that he implicitly trusted the MK to deliver a fair verdict. (dsy)


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