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Sampoerna University donates Face Shields to Jakarta hospitals


IO, Jakarta – To help the Government of Indonesia overcome the spread of COVID-19 and exp the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is now very limited, the Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET) of Sampoerna University initiated a collaboration with PT. Flexitech Evolusindo, supported by the Indonesian Tridimensi Printer Association (Printridi) to produce and donate face shield masks for medical workers who struggle to treat patients under surveillance (PDP) and people under surveillance (ODP) in the capital region. 

Farid Triawan, as the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Sampoerna University explained that realizing this urgent need, Sampoerna University initiated the production and donation of facial protective equipment to health workers at the forefront of handling COVID-19 in Jakarta. 

Still, according to Farid, Sampoerna University, as an international institution of higher learning in Jakarta which uses 3D printing technology in the FET laboratory, is in the process of producing this face shield. This technology has many advantages, including the ability to make prototypes quickly and design flexibility. 

“3D printing technology in the FE Lab enables the creation of various types of face protection devices in various shapes, types, and sizes quickly and affordably. Because PPE needs are very urgent now, we are trying to use this technology to produce face protection equipment,” said Farid, in a written statement on Friday (4/24/2020). 

Before production, consultations were held with the Printridi Association regarding design to conform to medical standards. After that, production will be carried out with advanced 3D printer technology at Sampoerna University’s FET lab. 

Farid added, Sampoerna University’s FET Visual Communication Design lecturers also joined in creating designs that could be mass-produced at the factory. At present, the university has begun to distribute face protective equipment gradually to several hospitals in Jakarta and its surroundings, for example, MMC Hospital and Pondok Indah Hospital, and Awal Bros East Bekasi Hospital. In total 150 face protective equipment sets were donated to MMC Kuningan Hospital Jakarta, 130 to Pondok Indah Hospital, and 82 to Awal Bros East Bekasi Hospital. 

This donation of face protective equipment was well received by the hospitals. “Thank you to Sampoerna University for donating 150 face protective equipment to MMC Kuningan Hospital as a tangible form of support for medical personnel here,” explained Dr. Sasha, a member of the hospital’s public relations team. 

This PPE procurement effort is in line with Sampoerna University’s mission to produce future leaders with moral character, high concern for the surrounding community, and mastery of the skills needed to help build a more prosperous, healthier, dignified and globally-competitive Indonesia. This is also a part of the realization of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, which is an element of Community Service. 


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