Sama Dengan Coffee: The green urban jungle-themed cafe

Photo: Kartika Indah

IO – Sit back and relax enjoying your coffee and snacks in the middle of a jungle in a place that makes you happy. One of the cafes that has this beautiful design is Sama Dengan Coffee. The cafe was established on October 24, 2017, with the first store at Kalibata City Apartment, South Jakarta.

Ravelldya Yesha, Marketing Equals Coffee, said Kalibata City is one of the densely populated areas, where almost all residents are potential customers for a coffee shop. The coffee shop is named Sama Dengan Coffee which means equality.

“Therefore, everyone who comes to Sama Dengan Coffee is equal, all of them are served wholeheartedly, come and go home with a happy heart,” said the woman who is familiarly called Yesha.

Urban Jungle.
Sama Dengan Coffee with the concept of an urban jungle store. Yesha said the initial store was in Jakarta, which had few green areas. Therefore, Sama Dengan Coffee carries an urban jungle theme to present green plants amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Currently, Sama Dengan Coffee has several cafe branches. In Jakarta, there are Antasari and Kalibata branches, which are also in Ciloto, Puncak, and Cipaganti, Bandung. Sama Dengan Coffee also opened a new branch in Pasir Angin, Bogor which has been operating since February 8, 2021.

Like the first store, all Sama Dengan Coffee branches carry the urban jungle concept. When visiting Sama Dengan Coffee, Antasari has a beautiful design with green trees; visitors can also hang out by the pool while sipping coffee and enjoying a meal.

Likewise, at Sama Dengan Coffee Ciloto, which is located in a mountainous area, namely Mount Gede Pangrango. The green nature of the mountains, plus the urban jungle cafe design and colorful flowers freshen the atmosphere. In Sama

Dengan Coffee Cipaganti Bandung, besides being decorated with green trees, also has a unique house design.  Therefore,  when  you  are  at Sama  Dengan  Coffee,  don’t  miss taking selfies or wefies, because every corner is Instagrammable.

Also, Sama Dengan Coffee has the best view and experience advantages. Yesha said Sama Dengan Coffee wants to state to all visitors that their place is beautiful. The abundance of plants is one of the main attractions in all branches.

After a good first impression of interior design, the customer is pampered with good food taste and service standards that say “friendly service”. Sama Dengan Coffee considers customers as friends or family. “There is no gap between us and them, so it encourages them to come back to Sama Dengan,” said Yesha. Asian and Western menu. Sama Dengan Coffee presents Asian and western menus, tailored to the tastes of the Indonesian people. The price is very affordable, and is worth it with the whole experience that the customer gets.

Yesha said that each Sama Dengan Coffee branch has several excellent menus. Sama Dengan Coffee Kalibata has a Pizza Baguette menu, a new menu that immediately becomes a customer’s favorite. Meanwhile, at Sama Dengan Coffee Bandung, the favorite is the Asian menu, with the bestseller menu for Kecombrang Chicken Rice.

Sama Dengan Coffee always gives suggestions for a signature drink to customers, namely KopiX. One set of Coffee X consists of an espresso ice cube, homemade caramel sauce, homemade chocolate sauce, espresso shot, and milk served separately. Thus, customers have the experience of mixing these ingredients themselves according to their preference.

Also, Sama Dengan Coffee has its house blend, especially for the espresso-based menu, which is a mixture of Arabica Flores Bajawa and Arabica Kintamani. Sama Dengan Coffee also has other single-origin coffee choices such as Kerinci, Toraja, Bajawa, Kintamani, Jawa Ijen, and Aceh Gayo.

All single-origin beans can be enjoyed at all Sama Dengan Coffee branches. Single-origin beans can be purchased in packs of 200 grams for IDR 90,000. Every purchase of 200 gr single-origin beans will get free Hot Cappuccino or Hot Café Latte.

In introducing the cafe to date, Sama Dengan Coffee uses the power of social media, such as Instagram, website, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and others. Same for Dengan Coffee Bandung, which is the store with the most visitors, because of its wide area and greater seating capacity compared to other branches. However, during the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) period,

Sama Dengan Coffee reduced seating capacity to a remaining 25 percent. It also complies with health protocols according to government recommendations, namely running 3M to all customers and employees, limiting seating capacity to limiting operating hours.

“Sama Dengan Coffee is so concerned about health protocols and follows government recommendations. Even the Antasari branch has become one of the pilot coffee shops in South Jakarta as a coffee shop that adheres to health protocols,” said Yasha. (Kartika Indah)