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SaladStop!; Healthy dishes increasingly loved by the urban community


IO, Jakarta – A healthy lifestyle lately, has increasingly become an option, especially by people in urban areas. Awareness of the importance of maintaining food intake, selection of nutrients, and consumption of vegetables and fruits become things that continue to grow from time to time. This is not only happening in developed countries, but also occurs in developing countries like in Indonesia. The development of healthy lifestyles that occur in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, make SaladStop! a restaurant serving a series of healthy menus such as salad bowl and salad wrap spread its wings to the capital. Started with his first outlet at Senayan City next SaladStop! Opened both outlets in Grand Indonesia.

“This is the very best time to open SaladStop! in Indonesia, because we do believe that the citizens are more concerned about how important healthy living is. SaladStop! is culinary destination for how to choose nutritious foods to improve the quality of life, “says Adrien Desbaillets, Managing Director of SaladStop!

To support a healthy lifestyle, SaladStop! offers a wide selection of bowls salads. Salad wrap, warm grain bowls, cold pressed juice, and other healthy menus. Glitzy can order the menu SaladStop has provided! or be creative by choosing according to the tastes of 60 more types of toppings and 20 types of dressings available. With a capacity of 36 seats, the restaurant that opens on March 9, 2017 looks clean from food handling to modern equipment in restaurant and centralize kitchen SaladStop !, such as 3M Micro-Klean water purification system.

“There is a basic movement that inspire us to make SaladStop! It is called ‘Eat Wide Awake’, a movement that speaks about how to make the process of its own from the farm to your bowl, “said Adrien Desbaillets.

With that philosophy, SaladStop! cooperate sustainably with farmers or communities in different countries where it operates to produce a variety of fresh and sustainable food. In keeping with its mission, SaladStop! always encouraging local farmers to grow. The restaurant, which operates 25 stores in Singapore, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia, provides a container that enables customers to enjoy the best local produce from the farmers. SaladStop! guarantee the freshness of its products because 90 percent of raw materials come from local farms.

“We are very enthusiastic to consummate the future of SaladStop! in Indonesia and we hope that this brand will be well accepted here, “said Adrien closed the conversation.

For SaladStop dressing type! offers Western Dressings, including classic caesar, ranch, honey mustard, basil pesto, thousand island, lemon and oil, balsamic vinaigrette, basil vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, and smoked pimento vinaigrette. While Asian Dressing there is a choice of Singapore chilli crab, Indian spiced yogurt, sesame lime, Japanese miso, Korean chilli vinaigrette, Thai lemongrass vinaigrette, and spicy peanut vinaigrette. There are three most favorite salads and wraps, namely Hail Caesar, Tuna San, and Oh Crab Lah. The salad menu is offered from Rp 70.000 – Rp 105.000 with a sizeable portion. (Aldo)


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