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Russian Embassy: Enhancing cooperation through workshop


IO – Trade Representation of the Rus­sian Federation in the Republic of Indonesia, together with the Russian Embassy to Indonesia, with support from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) hold a workshop to explore opportunities for Russian – Indonesian cooperation at The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta, on September 24, 2019.

The workshop, organized by LLC “RT-Invest Transport System” (RT-ITS) offered cooperative forms of Rus­sian-Indonesian exchange in transpor­tation and logistics management, smart cities, waste management and tourism. The Russian delegation from RT-ITS presented optimal Russian technolo­gies, competences, and management solutions in those areas and endeav­ored to establish business contact and to engage in discussions with Indone­sian companies during the event.

Trade Representation of the Rus­sian Federation in the Republic of Indonesia Sergei Rossomakhov said that the intent of the workshop was to present information about the latest technologies from Russia for businessmen, especially that deriving from Russian – Indonesian coopera­tion, dealing with city management, infrastructure, and other issues of vital importance. The workshop was held to enable Indonesian authorities to enable them to run their toll road system more efficiently, to develop a smart city concept, to develop waste management system, and many oth­ers, by sharing useful information.

Rossomakhov also mentioned that the workshop was only a prelude to other programs, as his delegation will hold another session to facilitate official meetings between his office with several delegations from min­istries in Indonesia such as Ministry of Research – Technology and Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, and others.

He also mentioned that certain Russian companies are establishing cooperation with local partners to promote their advanced technologies and provide training to Indonesians to become specialists, local staff, and other forms of collaboration.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Indonesian Committee on Trade and Industry (Kadin) of the Russian Com­mittee, Didit A. Ratam said that In­donesian businessmen welcome the workshop and hope that the relation­ship would continue. Didit pointed out that the value of trade between Indonesia and Russia last year was only USD 2.6 billion, and even the value of investments invested in Indo­nesia was much smaller, even though the potential to develop such invest­ments is enormous. (OHW)


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