Rumah Dharma Villas: Resort in middle of rice paddy, with panoramic views Menoreh hillsides and Borobudur

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Magelang – The end of the year is the right moment for you to relax. Visiting one of the seven wonders of the world, Borobudur Temple, located in Jowahan Hamlet, Wanurejo Village, Magelang Regency, Central Java, is an attractive choice of historical educational tourism. 

If you travel to Borobudur, Rumah Dharma Villas is one of the best recommendations. This villa, in the middle of a rice field, offers a very natural and calming view, not to mention the charming view of the slopes of the Menoreh hills and enchanting Borobudur Temple: Rumah Dharma is a value that cannot be compared with the Rupiah spent. 

Only a 20-minute walk from Borobudur Temple, this place offers a real rural atmosphere. Like staying in a village, you can watch the daily activities of the surrounding residents. 

While staying, guests can also learn about the culture and habits of rural communities, as well as taste home-style food with rustic hospitality that will surely make guests feel comfortable and peaceful. Of course, these exciting experiences can never be forgotten and become one of the memorable experiences. 

“We want to give a different experience to guests who stay here as if they were living at home. Many guests come from foreign countries. Here we also treat them like family. While staying here we want them to mingle with local people too, and that gets a positive response,” said Medi Jacky, owner of Rumah Dharma Villas. 

Once entering the area of the inn which has been operating since 2009, a touch of classical Javanese architecture is immediately felt by the presence of an exposed Joglo building on the front side, which also functions as a lobby area for guests. This inn tries to show a traditional Javanese side, so that the atmosphere of the Javanese can be felt by guests. 

Some classic-style sofa sets look neatly arranged in every corner of the front lobby area. Do not forget several vintage trinkets helped add to the traditional impression of this area, such as chandeliers and temple statues that reflect the identity of the Magelang area. Right beside the lobby area, there is a bar which is also adjacent to the Receptionist area. 

Along the path decorated with green grass, there is a lounge that uses a typical Javanese building in the middle of the inn. Guests can relax or use it as a meeting room. Some classic style wooden table sets appear to be arranged in various corners of the lounge. 

Next to it, there is a swimming pool with an outdoor concept surrounded by green elements with a fairly thick tropical feel. In the swimming pool area, some synthetic sofas are often used by foreign guests to sunbathe after swimming. The calm nuance and the breeze make anyone feel at home to spend a long time here. 

This conceptualized accommodation blends with nature with 8 villas with ethnic style buildings that are separated from each other, so each seems more private. Tropical nuance seems thick, since one enters from the front area of the inn with several coconut trees that adorn as well as furnishing shade, combined with exposed brick walls and Buddha statues that are characteristic of the Borobudur region itself. 

Entering the Villa on the terrace there is a sofa where guests can relax. Turning into the bedroom, a classic wooden bed with pillars and mosquito nets was found to further strengthen the Javanese feel within. 

In the twin bed type room, a combination of exposed brick and natural stone elements produces a warm impression; the bathroom area is equipped with modern facilities inside. Unlike the twin bedrooms, the double-bed type rooms have a bathroom that seems to be one with the bedroom area. The bathroom is located on the backside of the bed with a bulkhead that is no higher than an adult. 

“A bathroom with a concept like this still seems to be rare in other inns. Initially the idea was just for fun to make a bathroom like that, but in fact, it received a positive response, especially from foreign guests because the concept is unique,” said Medi. 

Right beside the swimming pool, there is a Joglo concept restaurant that offers a variety of traditional culinary offerings typical of Magelang. Starting from Sate, Vegetable Saicin, Curry Sauce, Eggplant Sambel, Sauteed Beans and Young Corn, Bakwan Corn, Fried Tempe, and Sambal make your appetite even more increased. 

For guests who stay at Rumah Dharma Villas, it is enough to spend IDR 700-800 thousand during low season and IDR 800-900 thousand during peak season. This price includes Villa with double bed and twin beds, air conditioning, hot water, WiFi, as well as getting breakfast and coffee facilities, bicycle, village tour, sunset trip, and Jogja trip. Meanwhile, dinner is also available to tempt you with tastes for IDR 120,000 per person. The restaurant that can accommodate up to 40 people also has a gazebo that can be used for relaxing or dining day or night. (Dan)