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Rujak and Asinan named the most delicious fruit salad in the world


Jakarta, IO – Indonesian food has once again been recognized for its deliciousness globally. Now, rujak (mixed sliced fruit and vegetables served with spicy palm sugar dressing) and asinan (Betawi-style vegetable salad with peanut sauce) made it to the list of “Top 17 Fruit Salads in the World” according to TasteAtlas, a platform that often reviews culinary and tourism destinations, on Friday (7/6).

Rujak is ranked second, while asinan fifth. They are in the same league as palate-tempting culinary delights from other countries, such as Bionico from Mexico, Frugtsalat from Denmark.

Rujak is served with a sweet and spicy sauce made from a mixture of Javanese sugar, salt, kecombrang (torch ginger) and a little chili. In fact, rujak in some areas uses a mixture of shrimp paste and stone bananas to add richness to the taste. The fruit used is usually papaya, mango, star fruit, pineapple, kedondong (ambarella) and jicama.

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Asinan is a mixture of pickled fruit or vegetables. The famous type of asinan, which originates from Jakarta, has peanut sauce with slight orange hue. Meanwhile, the Bogor version has red sauce and is served with yellow crackers. (bp)


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