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Rubiah Island Marine Park, underwater paradise in Aceh


IO – When talking about Indonesian tourism, Banda Aceh cannot be missed. The tourism potential at the west end of the Equatorial Earth is indeed known to be very eye-catching. Not only in the country, even in the foreign world, this province is known to have a wealth of coastal tourism which is a pity to pass up. Starting from the beautiful beaches with their own uniqueness, to tour the island which is full of history. Even the underwater world is no less tempting.

Rubiah Island is a beautiful island located on the northern tip of Sumatra Island. Precisely located in Pulau Weh, west of Sabang City. The island with an area of ​​about 2,600 hectares has a beautiful underwater beauty and is quite natural. Similarly, the coast is equally beautiful, which is flanked by two charming beaches at once, Teupin Layeu Beach and Iboih Beach. Clear blue sea water as opposed to the soft white clean sand. As if to be a unity as it blends with the breeze which increasingly makes anyone feel at home for a long time while in the Rubiah Marine Park in the city of Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province.

Like other islands that have origins, so does Rubiah Sabang Island. The name of the rubiah itself is taken from the name of a woman named Cut Nyak Rubiah whose tomb is on this island. There are various confusing stories about Nyak Rubiah, one of which is the name of a woman from one of the prospective pilgrims who died when her ship that was going to the holy land of Mecca was wrecked. Narrated in history, Rubiah Island was once a place of quarantine for prospective Indonesian pilgrims. In addition, the island was also a stronghold of the Netherlands and Japan during World War II. This can be seen from the remnants of the historic fortress that you can still enjoy today.

To be able to set foot on this Rubiah Island and enjoy the beauty of the Rubiah Marine Park, the traveler must know that a long journey will head in front. The location of the Rubiah Island Marine Park itself is about 350 meters from Iboih Beach. A traveler can start the journey from Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheue Port, the trip will take around 40 minutes. Then from Ulee Lheue Port, you can continue the journey to Balohan Port on Weh Island using the ferry. From the Port of Balohan you can rent a vehicle or use a mini bus for Rp. 50,000, – per person to go to Iboih Beach. Arriving at Iboih Beach, you can rent a boat or glass bottom boat to then head to Rubiah Island. The sea journey will take around 20 minutes.

The beauty of the Rubiah Marine Park is indeed undoubted. There are various types of tropical fish, coral reefs, giant clams, and other marine biota. The dominating species are coral reefs of various shapes, types and colors. In addition, there are also various types such as flag fish, blue botana, sergeant fish, groupers, major fish, bali princess fish, yellow fish, red head fish, and butterfly fish. There are also sharks that usually appear during the first or second month of the year. Of the 15 species of marine biota in Rubiah Sabang Marine Park, 14 of them are protected. Lots of fun things to do on this Rubiah Island.

Not just being silent while enjoying all the beauty of the panorama that will be obtained while on Rubiah Island, you can do various fun activities, such as: Swimming together with fish in the sea around Rubiah Island is an interesting activity that you can enjoy while visiting this island. In addition, there are several snorkeling equipment rental sites for diving, while tracing deeper into the wealth of marine biota. The traveler can find several marine biota such as starfish, squid, and coral reefs with various shapes and colors. If you plan to do snorkeling, don’t forget to visit the coral transplantation site on this island.

For those who have the courage to dive or who can’t swim at all, there’s no need to worry. You can still enjoy the underwater beauty around Rubiah Island which is clear and clean. Here is a special boat with glass bottom boat. By using this boat you can enjoy the beauty of the marine park from the boat. The clearness of the seawater in the waters of Rubiah Island makes the sun’s rays penetrate to the seabed to a depth of 15 meters so you can enjoy the beauty of its underwater charm.

Satisfied with trying underwater activities carried out in Rubiah Island Marine Park, you can also do activities on land that are no less exciting. The soft and sparkling stretch of white sand will accompany you while relaxing playing on the beach. Take the time to get around with shady trees that grow on this island. In addition, the traveler can also tour the Rubiah Island to see the remains of the old buildings of the former hajj hostel in the 1920s. There are also 44 sacred tombs from a number of people harvested on Weh Island and Banda Aceh. One of them is the Tomb of Nyak Rubiah whose position is right in the middle of the island.

(Pramita Hendra)


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