Royal Safari Garden new Puncak Bogor icon

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bogor – For more than 40 years we have worked and strived to be the best in the hotel industry and become a place for Indonesian family holidays. Story after story is engraved on this 14-hectare resort, increasingly woven into a beautiful story of every Indonesian family over time. 

Escape from the city to the cool mountain air and lush landscape of Puncak Highland. Royal Safari Garden is located at Cisarua Puncak-Bogor. West Java. A four-star hotel & resort with 302 rooms includes a bungalow and 15 meeting rooms. Royal Safari Garden offers a wide display of living animals and activities ranging from dining with Animals, Mini Zoo African Village, Dewi Kinaris Bird Park, American Fish Terrarium, Reptile Island, Rabbit Park, Playground, Hydroponic Garden and a profusion of recreational activities. 

One of the most joyous aspects is sharing happiness with those about us whom we love. That’s how our work never stops, to always innovate and generate satisfied smiles of customers into an appropriate award. Seeing the dynamics that continue to occur from time to time, we gaze increasingly distant into the future. To answer that challenge we proudly present our newest magnificent hotel facility, Dome New Icon Puncak. 

New Dome or Lobby is the newest building, that features a bird dome with Elegant & Savanna concept. With an area of 6,170 m2, Animal Encounter facilities are available; you can participate by feeding Zebras, Wallaby, Meerkats & Patagonian Mara, and enjoy photos with animals. New Dome is equipped with a Restaurant named De’Savana, with the concept of Light & Bright. De’Savanna Restaurant is a dining concept accompanied by Zebras and cute animals such as Meerkat and Wallaby; this restaurant is the first dining concept of its type in the Puncak-Bogor area. 

Other Food & Beverage facilities in New Dome include Kanoopi Coffee & Eateri and Dolce Gelato & Patisserie. Kanoopi Coffee & eatery offers a selection of variants of Coffee, Tea, Pizza, Pasta & Grill prepared by Barista and experienced chefs. Then Dolce Gelato offers a choice of gelato, bread & patisserie, the price offered proportional to the taste shared. 

Other exciting facilities; the Africa Mini Zoo Royal Safari Garden, there is a diverse collection of animals from Africa such as Zebra, Meerkat, Wallaby, Patagonian Mara, Nyala, Lama and others. Not only that, there is a bird dome containing peacocks and adorable lemurs. 

The various advantages offered by Royal Safari Garden can make your vacation activities with family more meaningful. With the concept of edutainment or educational holiday, especially its strategic location on Jalan Raya Puncak No. 601 Cisarua-Bogor, which is 77 km from Jakarta and 90 km from Bandung. Enjoy your vacation with family, filled with exciting and memorable adventures, only at Royal Safari Garden.