Romanticism from above Jogjakarta

(Photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – When it comes to attractions, Jogjakarta seems to never run out of the best spots, starting from the row of extraordinary beaches in the Gunungkidul area, to the cool pine forest area in the highlands, to the historical attraction of temples full of the majesty of the past.

This city has many hangouts, ones that tend to be unique, with the assumption that if you want to drift by the mall, seeing good things is the goal. If you stroll around the square, seeing people pass is the target, whereas hanging out in Bukit Bintang Jogja implies romance is the result.

Bukit Bintang Jogja is sited along the edge of the road that connects Yogja with Wono Sari, precisely at km 15, in the Patuk Hill in Gunung Kidul District. This hill was previously named “Hargo Dumilah Hill”, but because visitors feel the sensation of seeing the stars from this hill, the name Bukit Bintang Jogja, meaning “Jogja Star Hill” was finally attached to it.

Enjoying the romantic atmosphere is the sensation obtained from the charm of Bukit Bintang Jogja. The atmosphere of the evening, while directing the view to the west of the City, is like looking at a sky full of sparkling stars, when in fact, we are looking at the landscape of the city of Jogja with its sparkling lights. What a charming horizon.

The beauty of this location is truly unmatched, as a place to observe the city of Jogja from a height. The strategic position of Bukit Bintang Jogja is on the edge of the mountains facing directly to the west, towards the city of Jogja. This area is relatively close to the city and does not tire you out during the trip.

The route to get to Bukit Bintang is not too difficult. This is because this hill is on the edge of the main highway that connects Jogja with Wono Sari. To reach Bukit Bintang Jogja, you can use public transportation or private vehicles. But it would be more fun if you use a private vehicle, because we are free to determine when we leave the location, without having to depend on public transportation departure schedules.

Those who use private vehicles from the city of Jogja can take the road to Jalan Jogja Wonosari, then go straight in the Piyungan Market, the road is rather climbing up at Bokong Semar Bend before finally arriving at Bukit Bintang. The distance between Jogja and the hill is approximately 20 km and can be reached within 40 minutes of travel.

If using public transportation, departing from either Jogja or Solo, we get off at the Ringroad intersection on Wonosari Highway. Then change vehicles at the intersection by riding a large or small bus. It costs around IDR 5,000. We will be delivered to the location in about 30 minutes.

Those who use private vehicles must be a little careful, especially after the Piyungan T-junction. In this area the road starts to climb, even the curves are relatively sharp and steep. The important thing to remember is to avoid driving behind large trucks with a full load. (Pramitha Hendra)