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Roemah, Coffee, Eatery, and Hub: Sells Culture, Makes You Feel at Home


IO – Passing along Depok main road, near the campus of the University of Indonesia and Gunadharma University, there is a “roemah” with industrial minimalist design. This L-shaped house looks eye-catching and unique, which seems to invite motorists who cross the road in front of it to stop at a cafe called Roemah, Coffee, Eatery, and Hub. 

Apart from being a parking area for cars and motorbikes, it is seating for cafe visitors who want to enjoy the fresh breeze. Benches and tables are neatly arranged, under the shade of several trees. The outside seating is a favorite spot for visitors. 

The interior of the cafe is no less interesting. Following the outside, it is dominated by monochromatic colors giving a hint of industrial. The cafe design looks simple and modern, with Instagrammable angles. There is a shelf filled with books near the entrance to the air-conditioned room for non-smoking visitors, while smokers are invited to sit outside of the cafe. 

Sells Culture. 

Sjaaf Rhisjad Daud Djavatri, Supervisor of Roemah, Coffee, Eatery, and Hub, said the cafe owners are people who have basic skills in the food and beverage (F&B) field. Roemah was founded one year ago, on November 11, 2019, to be precise. Although it is classified as a new cafe, Roemah has become a hangout place for students, the public, and families. 

Following its philosophy, “home” is a place to gather, interact, and synergize together. Quoting from Instagram @roemah_eateryhub, this is not a story about coffee, food, or romance. It is about a place that presents the various stories of each individual in it. Connectivity with one another, emotions, attachments, attractions, concepts, a “home” for everything. 

“Not just a name, Roemah is a new concept that we are believed to be able to create attachment, comfort and pleasure for you with all our family members,” again quoting Instagram cafe @roemah_eateryhub. 

According to the man familiarly called Icad, Roemah sells their culture more. Therefore, the Roemah team will be friendly and fun for customers. Customers are not kings, but Roemah sees customers as friends who visit their homes. 

However, the Roemah team is also smart, seeing the character of the customers who come, whether they can be fun or be serious characters. This is a concern because the line between fun and impolite is very thin. “Some people who used to be customers became close, like friends, because we sell culture. That is our specialty,” said Icad. 

Visitors who come to Roemah, besides being able to hang out while enjoying food, can also work or do assignments, because Wi-Fi is available. When the cafe first opened, most of Roemah’s visitors were students. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when students did not go to college and returned to their respective homes, many family visitors came. Therefore, all cafe rooms that were originally smoking rooms are divided into smoking and non-smoking areas. 

Featured Menu. 

Initially, Roemah served a lot of light menus and traditional menus. However, because many families come, Roemah also presents new menus with heavy foods that families are looking to eat together. 

Roemah serves excellent items, such as Grilled Rib and Rib Soup with special Roemah spices. Icad said that Roemah dared to guarantee a refund if a visitor complained about this Ribs menu. Roemah also serves a Steak menu which includes their new menu. 

There is also a menu of Fish and Chips, Fried Noodles, Grilled/Fried Chicken, Mixed Rice, Soto Ayam, and others that are loved by families. The Nasi Goreng menu, both Chicken Fried Rice and Seafood, is also recommended. Roemah also serves a rice bowl menu, namely Chicken Sambal Matah. 

In addition, Roemah also serves frozen snack menus that they process themselves (homemade). Favorite snack menus include Risoles, Lumpia, Cakwee, Fried Bakso Tofu, Fried Banana, Toast, Fried Martabak, and so on. 

For drinks, Roemah offers Es Kopi Susu Roemah Palm Sugar. The palm sugar used is self-processed. There is also Kopi Roemah Pandan, a house blend espresso from Roemah, made from fresh milk and pandan syrup. Contemporary menus such as Mango Yakult, Lychee Yakult, Banana Yakult, Mango Squash, and Lychee Squash are also available at Roemah. Also, there are Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Flat White, Cafe Latte, and so on. 

For coffee, currently, Roemah serves Cianjur robusta coffee and Takengon arabica coffee. For the manual brew, Roemah serves Gayo White arabica coffee. “People have their coffee preferences. In the past, there were many types of coffee, such as Flores and Bali, but during the pandemic, the number of choices was reduced, ”explained Icad. 

In addition, Roemah serves traditional drinks such as Wedang Bandrek, Wedang Uwuh, and Wedang Jahe Lemon, as well as Wedang Kopi. At Roemah, visitors can also order Es Cendol and Es Cincau, which not all cafes serve as traditional drinks on the menu. There is also a menu of Fruit Ice and a variety of Fruit Juices, as well as several types of tea such as Lychee Tea, Teh Tarik, and various chocolate drinks. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of Large- Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), Roemah sold 1 liter of Coffee. Roemah sells the 1-liter coffee using homemade palm sugar and several kinds of syrup. Roemah style coffee liters include Roemah Original Coffee and Roemah Milk Coffee with original flavors, hazelnut, vanilla, pandan, caramel, signature sanger, and signature cold brew. 

Roemah cafe has a seating capacity of around 120. Usually, the cafe is crowded on weekends, starting from Saturday night, Sunday night, and Sunday. Normally the cafe is open from 14.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB; it tends to be more crowded at night. Roemah also accepts events such as weddings, reunions, and so on. 

At the age of one year, Roemah also sells T-shirt merchandise. “In the future, we are thinking of opening branches and renovating, but because this is a new cafe, we are currently following its developments,” said Icad. (Kartika Indah)


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