Rocketing frozen seafood sales

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The new normal, which spurred a more active society, had positively affected Sekar Bumi’s increasing net sales during the first quarter of 2022, to IDR 1.13 trillion, a 32 percent rise compared to last year’s period (QoQ) at IDR 855.87 billion. There has been a significant increase in frozen seafood and processed food sales. Frozen seafood sales rose 32 percent (QoQ) to IDR 1.1 trillion, while processed food sales bumped up by 48 percent (QoQ) to IDR 27.41 billion. 

Sekar Bumi’s net profit after tax also rocketed by 169.4 percent (QoQ) from IDR 10.81 billion to IDR 29.14 billion; earnings per share rose to IDR 15.74 from the same period last year of IDR 5.83. 

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A similar statement by the director of Sekar Bumi, Howard Ken Lukmito, said the increase in sales was supported by increased a shrimp export and domestic market rise following the launch of #JagoanDumpling, one of the Company’s centerpiece dim sum and processed food products.