Rocketing frozen seafood sales

sekar bumi
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Jakarta, IO – Frozen seafood is on the rise! Frozen shrimp, fish and other seafood and processed foods are in high demand and sending one of the frozen food specialists, PT Sekar Bumi Tbk (SKBM) over the top. This positive bookkeeping prompted the Company to distribute cash dividends of IDR 6,055,361,260 or IDR 3.5 per share. 

As a result of PT Sekar Bumi Tbk (SKBM) shareholders’ general meeting (GMS), delivered in an online public exposition on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the current dividend is higher than last year’s, when the Company distributed a total dividend of IDR 2,076,123.860 or IDR 1.20 per share. 

President Director of PT Sekar Bumi Tbk Harry Lukmito declared that the Company had exhibited excellent performance. The rising dividend was driven by an increasing domestic market, strong purchasing power and improving business circumstances. “Management is confident of future business prospects. The food industry is promising, even amid uncertain economic conditions,” said Harry.