River and IRIS ITS robots winners at KRI 2018 Regional IV

ITS KRAI Division team, represented by River Team, made its way in the first place winner. (photo: IO/ITS)

IO, Surabaya – The robot team of the Tenth of November Institute (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember – “ITS”) Surabaya won the Robot ABU-Robocon Indonesia Contest (KRAI) and the Wheeled Soccer Robots of Indonesia Contest (Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia – “KRSBI”) in the 2018 Regional IV Indonesia Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Indonesia – “KRI”) finals at the State Polytechnic of Malang (Politeknik Negeri Malang – “Polinema”), which ended Thursday (3/5) night.

After having undergone the running test on Wednesday (2/5), on the day of the contest ITS became a team to be reckoned with. The category in KRI 2018 remained the same as those of last year: 1. ABU Robot Contest of Indonesia (Kontes Robot ABU Indonesia – “KRAI”); 2. Firefighting Robot Contest of Indonesia (Kontes Robot Pemadam Api Indonesia – “KRPAI”); 3. Dancing Robot Contest of Indonesia (Kontes Robot Seni Tari Indonesia – “KRSTI”); 4. Humanoid Soccer Robots of Indonesia Contest (Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia – “KRSBI”); and 5. Wheeled Soccer Robots of Indonesia Contest (KRSBI). The themes in the KRAI division follow the themes of the 2018 ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest, which will be held in Vietnam after the KRI National champion is selected.

ITS’ KRAI Division Team, represented by River Team, made it as first winner. As per the pre-set target, River Team succeeded in achieving the Rong Bay (completion of all tasks according to theme, ed.) within a mere 39 seconds during final. In fact, during the eighth final against the Dewa Ruci Team from the State Shipping Polytechnic of Surabaya (Politeknik Negeri Perkapalan Surabaya – “PPNS”), River Team succeeded in completing its tasks within 36 seconds.

According to its pre-set strategy, River Team put up the fast mode during contest day. During a running test the previous day, River Team was able to achieve Rong Bay within 42 seconds, even though its slow mode was on. During the finals, River went against the best timer during the running test, i.e. IRTONAS ‘64 Team from Jember University. The KRAI Division matches, which are the main division of KRI, were quite exciting. Both teams were equally strong during the finals, but River ITS’s robot achieved the Rong Bay within 39 seconds.

Edo Kesuma Putra, the head of the River Team ITS, said that River conducted research on the robot they used for a year. Changes were made up to D-Day. “The robot must be in excellent condition before it competes,” he said. River also observe their competitors’ playing to get the best strategies. “We record all plays. That way, we can be certain whether we should put up our best mode, or whether we only need to do standard mode against them,” Edo said.

On the other hand, ITS’ Robo-soccer team, IRIS, also showed its power. IRIS became the champion of the Wheeled KRSBI Division after having defeated Brawijaya University (UB) with a score of 2-1 during the finals. Muhammad Azhar Ismail, head of the IRIS Team ITS, said that their result was in line with their effort: they have worked on the wheeled robot constantly for 6 months. “And we also prayed more during the contest day,” he admitted when we met him after finals.

ITS’ dancing robot was also able to master the stage. When the music for the Remo dance flowed slowly, the two VI-Rose robots belonging to ITS started to move their arms and hands harmoniously, as if aware that it was time to dance. They danced the Remo quite gracefully. The ITS artistic robot director, M. Hilman Fatoni, S.T., M.T., said that until the third running test, the ITS robot still had some obstacles. However, VI-Rose’s debut went perfectly, with no retries whatsoever.

“A ‘retry’ is when the robot falls down and the contestant has to handle it to get it back up and running,” Hilman said. Retries will deduct points. After 3 shows, ITS’ VI-Rose succeeded in securing 4th place.

In all divisions, ITS teams achieved an award of some kind, and some will go on to the National KRI in June. Other than getting first prize, IRIS and River also earned awards as teams with the best design. The Humanoid KRSBI, the Ichiro, only earned an “Honorable Mention”. Even though it was not crowned a champion, ITS’ fire-fighting robot, Abinara-I, was named “Best Designed” robot. (ITS)