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RIP Ricky Jacobi: The legend’s final goal


IO – The Indonesian football world isin mourning. The legendary strikerRicky Jacobi passed away on Saturdaymorning, November 21 atMintohardjo Navy Hospital, Jakarta.He was buried in Tanah Kusir PublicCemetery, the afternoon of the sameday. Ricky died of a heart attackwhile playing at Field A, Gelora BungKarno, Senayan.

At that time Ricky was playingin Trofeo Medan Selection. After 15minutes of playing for the “Medan”team against the “Rap-Rap” team,Ricky scored a beautiful goal. Receivingfeedback from the left side,he turned around and fired a shot,a goal.

When he was about to cheer,suddenly he collapsed, face downand unconscious. First aid was administered,there was a pulse, Rickywas then rushed to the hospital, buthis life could not be saved. The legendleaves after scoring the last goal.Ricky died on the gridiron, playingthe sport that became his life.

Remembering Ricky Jacobi isreminiscing about the glimmers ofIndonesia’s past football triumphs.Ricky was the team captain whenIndonesia broke into the semifinalsof the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul, South Korea, and when the Red andWhite Team won the first gold medalat the 1987 Jakarta SEA Games.

Born with the name Ricky Jacobin Medan, March 12, 1963, he beganto shine when he strengthened PSMSJr. and brought back the 1980 SuratinCup. After strengthening PSMS Suratin Cup, strengthening PSMSin the Top 6 of the 1980 PSSI MainDivision and the 1980 ASEAN JuniorFootball Championship, Ricky Jacoband Edy Harto were recruited by aclub owned by Sigit Harjojudanto,son of former Indonesian PresidentSoeharto, Arseto, who was then headquarteredin Jakarta and then movedto Solo.

Ricky became an icon in Arseto; hewas also a mainstay of the Indonesiannational team. Ricky was nicknamedPaul Mariner Indonesia. Mariner wasa striker for the England nationalteam at that time.

Ricky is an inspiration to Indonesianchildren. Almost all football fankids want to be like Ricky.

Success in the 1986 Seoul AsianGames and the 1987 Jakarta SEAGames, Ricky caught the attention ofthe Japanese club, Matsushita. Herehis name changed to Jacobi. Unfortunately,he failed to adapt to the Landof the Rising Sun and returned toplay for Arseto. Before moving, Rickygave Arseto the title of the Main FootballLeague Competition (Galatama)in 1992. Ricky then moved to BPDCentral Java and retired from PSISSemarang in 1995.

Several clubs offered him the opportunityto work as a coach, butRicky chose another path. He decidedto take the early childhooddevelopment path by establishingthe Ricky Jacobi Football School inSenayan.

Ricky wanted to pass on the basicknowledge of football to children, hedoesn’t even collect fees for childrenaged 7-12 years. “Every child musthave the same opportunity to achievethe dream of becoming a footballplayer,” he said at that time.

He was married to a former jumpingathlete, Harly Ramayani, theyhad two daughters, Arsyi and Sandi,who are involved in diving.

To honor his services, the Ministryof Youth and Sports will proposethe name ABC Field, Senayan, to bechanged to Ricky Jacobi Field. However,the authority to give the namerests with the Ministry of State Secretariat.

Ricky is now gone. He who lovesfootball ends his life’s activities alsoon the football field. What a beautifuldeparture. Goodbye, legend. Thankyou for the achievements you havegiven to the country. You will not be forgotten. (rp)


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