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RIP Ir. Soepriyatno. Goodbye, my friend


IO – The Indonesian Parliament is in mourning. Chairman of Commission XI of the Indonesian Parliament and Chairman of the Gerindra Faction, Ir. Soepriyatno, passed away on Friday morning 9 October from COVID-19. The deceased was the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council of the East Java Gerindra Party; he died at Pertamina Hospital, South Jakarta, after being admitted two weeks ago. 

This graduate of Bogor Agricultural University was buried in the Cemetery of the Graha Permata Ibu Hospital, Kukusan, Beji, Depok, West Java. 

“Back into the lap of the Almighty God, our brother and comrade in arms, Ir. H. Soepriyatno,” wrote Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto in his official Facebook account. 

“Soepriyatno is one of the best sons of the Indonesian nation and the Gerindra Party. I already know him for more than 25 years; he is a person full of enthusiasm and idealism, always thinking about the poor, concentrating his attention and expertise in the field of agricultural economics,” Prabowo said. 

“He has been an activist since he was a student; he was one of the students who received a Supersemar scholarship. He comes from a simple family, which from an economic point of view may signify a life full of limitations. However, thanks to his enthusiasm, discipline, hard work, and intelligence, he managed to achieve much in life,” added Prabowo. 

“Goodbye Soepri, we will continue your struggle; may God provide the best place for you. May your family be steadfast and strong. Don’t worry – we will take care of the family you left behind. Goodbye, my friend,” closed Prabowo. (rp) 


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