RIP Djaduk Ferianto: Ngayogjazz originator’s departed this world

Gregory Djaduk Ferianto passes away early Wednesday at 2:30 a.m. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO –  Indonesian art world mourns. Gregory Djaduk Ferianto passes away early Wednesday, 13 November 2019 at 2:30 a.m. 

News was received through an upload from his brother, artist Butet Kartaradjasa, on his social media account. Djaduk’s body was laid out in Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardjo. The late Bagong, Djaduk’s father was another versatile artist. Djaduk’s body was interred in the Sembungan Family Cemetery, Kasihan District, Bantul Yogyakarta. 

“Djaduk died in his wife’s lap,” said Butet. According to him, the family did not know the cause of the heart attack. However, indeed in these last days, Djaduk was very busy on the move. “What is certain is that in the last days Djaduk was very busy practicing music and was preparing for Ngayogjazz which will be held on November 16 in Godean,” Butet was quoted as saying by 

Djaduk died while at home after attending a Ngayogjazz meeting. “At home, he slept, then woke up and felt pain. At 02.30 he passed away at home,” said Ngayogjazz’s Creative Board, Novindra Dirantara. 

Ngayogjazz is a jazz performance that was initiated by Djaduk and this year is in its 13th year. He is even scheduled to appear in Ngayogjazz on Saturday, November 16th. Djaduk also became the initiator of the Gunung Jazz event. 

Djaduk was very dedicated to music, as the founder of the music groups Kua Etnika and Sinten Remen. In fact, he concentrated more on extracting the essence of traditional music. 

Djaduk was also known as a reliable actor, having starred in several films such as Petualangan Sherina (2000), Koper (2006), Jagad X Code (2009), Cewek Saweran (2011). Djaduk discography includes Orkes Sumpeg Nang Ning Nong (with Kua Etnika,1997), Ritus Swara (with Kua Etnika, 2000), Parodi Iklan (with Orkes Sinten Remen, 2000), Komedi Putar (with Orkes Sinten Remen, 2002), Janji Palsu (with Orkes Sinten Remen, 2003), Maling Budiman (with Orkes Sinten Remen, 2006), Dia Sumber Gembiraku (Religious Songs, 2006). Pata Java (with Kua Etnika and Pata Master Jerman). (rp)