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RIP Alfin Lestaluhu: Beautiful Azan voice now gone


IO – No one knows how long they will live. Young or old, if the time comes, we must go. 

Indonesia’s football world grieves as Football Association of Indonesia’s (PSSI) U-16 young defender, Alfin Lestaluhu has passed away on Thursday, October 31. Alfin died from encephalitis with hypoalbuminemia in Harapan Kita Hospital, Jakarta. He will be buried in his home village Tulehu, Ambon. 

Indonesian football is truly at a loss. Alfin was one of Indonesia’s best hopes for their appearance during the U-20 World Cup which they will host in 2021. 

Alfin Lestaluhu was one of the Ambon earthquake victims, which took place at 07:39 WIB on Thursday, September 26 and had a strength of 5.6 on the Richter scale. 

“A player who always performed his best without compromise and was always ready to be played whenever, whether 90 minutes, 45 minutes, or one minute,” wrote the coach Bima Sakti through his social media account. 

He knew Alfin as a player who was always passionate in training and in games. “‘Ready coach’, that is something Alfin said to me and I will always remember. There are many beautiful memories inside and outside the field with Alfin. His voice during the Azan was very beautiful,” wrote Bima. 

Alfin was known as a player who was brave and willing to take risks. “What was most surprising during penalties against Vietnam in the AFF Cup 2019 in Chonburi, Thailand, right after the whistle ended and was continued into penalties, Alfin was the first player to come to me and say, ‘I want and am ready to take a penalty coach’.” 

Bima went on to choose Alfin as one of the penalty takers. However, he failed to convert the penalty and immediately apologized. “Although he failed and immediately apologized to me without speaking much, he immediately hugged me, ‘It’s okay Alfin, thank you for being brave enough to take the penalty’,” said Bima. 

Goodbye, Alfin! Have a good time in heaven! (rp) 


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