Riots break out in Brussels after Morocco beats Belgium in Qatar World Cup

Riots in Brussels
Riots in Brussels caused damage to vehicles and buildings in the downtown area. (Source: Twitter @SiaranBolaLive)

Jakarta, IO – Downtown Brussels descended into chaos on Sunday following Morocco’s shock win against Belgium 2-0 in group stage.

Brussels police were forced to use water cannon and tear gas after being attacked by football fans. Dozens of them smashed shop windows, shot fireworks and set vehicles on fire, AFP reported.

“One hundred police officers were deployed while residents were warned to avoid certain areas in the downtown. Metro stations were closed and roads closed to limit the spread of violence. Surveillance helicopters flew over the city before calm was restored. Protesters set fire to cars, trash cans and a number of electric scooters,” an AFP journalist reported.

Meanwhile, the Brussels Police issued a statement that 11 people have been arrested.