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Ridwan Kamil’s son missing at a Swiss river


Ridwan Kamil Family
Ridwan Kamil’s family when celebrating 2022 Eid Al-Fitr. (Source: instagram/@ataliapr)

Upon receiving the news, Ridwan Kamil, who was in England during an official duty, immediately flew to Switzerland to directly oversee the search and rescue process. The family said the Swiss SAR team and police had been mobilized but the search was called off after dark and was continued this morning.

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The family hoped that Eril can be found soon safe and well. Elpi said that the family is grateful for the attention and assistance from the Indonesian embassy in Switzerland and the local police who continue to search for Emmeril.

“We ask for prayers so that Eril can be reunited with his family in a safe and sound condition,” he added.

While Ridwan Kamil was conducting official business, Elpi revealed that Ridwan Kamil family visited Switzerland at the time to find a university for his as he is pursuing his Master’s degree. (un)


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