Returning to Gerindra? Sandi to hold talks with Prabowo

Sandi is at Nusantara DPR, Senayan Parliamentary Complex, Jakarta, on Tuesday (September 10, 2019). (photo: IO/Dan)

IO, Jakarta – The Great Indonesia Movement (Gerakan Indonesia Raya – “Gerindra”) Party Vice General Chairman Fadli Zon has stated that the Party will welcome Sandiaga Uno with open arms if he decides to return. “We would happily welcome Mr. Sandiaga with open arms if he should return to Gerindra,” Fadli said at Nusantara DPR, Senayan Parliamentary Complex, Jakarta, on Tuesday (10/09/2019).

Fadli stated that he has heard that Sandiaga wanted to become part of Gerindra again. However, he does not know for sure if Sandi really is coming back to Gerindra or not. Gerindra has not held any internal discussion about this issue, because there are several other items in the agenda that they prioritize. “Yes, I heard that he is joining Gerindra, Insya Allah (if it pleases Allah) soon. Maybe we can discuss this later in the event of a work meeting or similar national coordination meeting,” he said.

Fadli further stated that Party General Chairman Prabowo Subianto supports Sandiaga’s return to Gerindra Party. “I believe that Mr. Prabowo also wants Mr. Sandi to rejoin us,” he said.

Fadli also stated that Sandi left the Party during Presidential Elections in order to focus on campaigns for the Fair and Prosperous Coalition. “Yes, that’s why he left, for the sake of campaigning for the parties in the Fair and Prosperous Coalition. The idea is to keep from getting confused and to make it more convenient,” he said.

When we met him at the same location, Sandiaga stated that there has been no further discussion about his rejoining Gerindra. “I am waiting for further discussions. Personally I would like to take a break from politics for now,” he said. However, he stated that he would be meeting with Prabowo to discuss his political career. “After the current agenda, naturally I would discuss things with Mr. Prabowo.” (Dan)