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Reog Ponorogo submitted as UNESCO intangible heritage


Jakarta, IO – One of the Indonesia’s traditional dances from East Java, Reog Ponorogo, has been submitted to UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage on February 18.

To support the promotional efforts, the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels in collaboration with the Ponorogo administration introduced the folk entertainment at the heart of the European Union.

A Reog dance troupe was brought to Brussels and performed at the Place de La Monnaie in Brussels on Monday (12/9).

“The goal is to introduce Reog Ponorogo more extensively to audiences in Europe,” said the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, as reported by Antara, Wednesday (14/9).

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The show attracted enthusiastic crowds who were enchanted by its energetic dance moves.

The performance begins with the characteristic Reog music, followed by a graceful and charming Jathilan dance. The dancers also performed a variety of acrobatic acts, including the barong (lion) masked dance, which amazed the audience. (un)


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