Remembering the August 16, 1945 event through “Gelora Bangsa” sociodrama

(IO/Muhamad Hidayat)

Sufi Adisuryo, head of Bangor Reenactor Community and the producer of the sociodrama said that at least 75 people were involved in the performance. They trained and prepared for three weeks.

Sufi said that the event on August 16, 1945 was very crucial because it led to the reading of the proclamation text on August 17, 1945.

“We must realize that the independence proclamation on August 17, 1945 would not take place if not for the preparation on August 16 for the proclamation text to be read out at Bung Karno’s residence,” said Sufi.

He said involving young people in the sociodrama was his way of popularizing the historically momentous event.

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“For young people, this is very effective because they will feel directly involved through the roles they are playing,” he explained.

The sociodrama lasted for 30 minutes and received a boisterous reception from the audience. Sufi hopes that the performances can remind the Indonesian people not to forget the history of their nation.

“This important event must not be forgotten. This sociodrama is a way of preserving history so that it can be passed to the younger generation,” he concluded. (un)