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Remembering the August 16, 1945 event through “Gelora Bangsa” sociodrama


Jakarta, IO – There are many events held to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day. One of them is “Tapak Tilas Proklamasi” by the Proclamation Manuscript Formulation Museum (Munasprok) on Tuesday (16/8).

The event started with various Independence Day-themed competitions, traditional snacks, musical poetry, proclamation text recital, theatrical performance of Indonesia’s struggle for independence and film screenings.

The theatrical performances were conducted in collaboration with the Bangor Reenactor Community. It took the form of a sociodrama titled “Gelora Bangsa.” It involved not only professional art workers, but also a community of re-designers, many of them are still students.

The sociodrama depicts Indonesia’s struggle for independence, starting from the 1930s period when Indonesia was occupied by the Dutch, 1942 when Indonesia was occupied by Japan and 1945 when Indonesian youth formulated the independence declaration, and 1949 when Indonesia finally became a sovereign nation.

The performers wear period costumes. Important figures are also played by actors who physically resembled renowned historical figures such as Soekarno, Hatta, and Sayuti Melik. Not to forget those who played the common folks, soldiers, and the Dutch and Japanese colonizers.


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