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Relive the charm of Turkish Tavern


IO – Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian cuisine, Middle East and the Balkans. Usmani combines various culinary traditions in their region with influences from Middle Eastern cuisine with traditional Turkish elements from Central Asia such as yoghurt. For those who love the refined cuisine of Turkey, now the Turkish Tavern (Warung Turkey) has dishes for guests who want to try this Ottoman Empire-style food.

When signed in Warung Turkey, we will feel like we are in a quaint little village in Mediterranean Turkey. Every little detail has been carefully designed to give the impression to the visitor and a glimpse into Turkey. From traditional bamboo roof, dangling lanterns colorful mosaic Beautiful, up to the walls are painted with dark greenish blue color is chosen as the theme color for the tavern, basically Turkey’s representation of the Mediterranean Sea.

The first thing you see when entering this restaurant is a wood burning fireplace in a beautiful traditional oven, with classic Turkish tulip flower decorations and ornaments of ‘evil eye’ which is lovely. On the second floor, antique artifacts are displayed in Cappadocia style inserted in the wall, whilst the chairs and tables have been specially made.

On the third floor, the atmosphere is more relaxed and airy with decor of two faux trees to give the feel of al fresco. There is also a bar available and a lounge area with antique colorful sofas surrounded by the scenery of Kemang through their large windows.

This restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Sezai Zorlu, the only expert Ottoman cuisine in Jakarta, with high dedication to authentic refined method. Warung Turkey is an award by Chef Sezai’s for his mother. It can be seen on the large painting hanging on the wall in front of the kitchen which indicates and is a witness of his love. And also not forgetting the sense of reverence for his homeland’s founding father (Turkey), where you will see the big picture of Kemal Pasha Ataturk in that restaurant.

Warung Turkey does not compromise the cooking method and also the quality of the products used. For that, a lot of raw materials is imported by the restaurant itself. For the selection of the menu itself, visitors can enjoy Pilav Ustu Doner, lamb, and beef baked with charcoal firewood, and rolled in a thin bread soft with onion salad sumac,also Iskendar kebabs,shawarma served with butter rice, and many other types of kebab. Not missing out on Humus and Babaganouc classic and fresh as the opening menu.

Another favorite is the Signature Gozleme, serving half-moon-shaped wafers or Firinda KuzuIncik, lamb shank with roasted mushrooms, onion and garlic butter served with rice. One of the favorite’s of the Chef, Kagit Kerabi,minced meat kebab with chilli and tomato, baked in a wood oven, and served with bread.

Some of the most popular desserts are vegetarian foods like Surlac, cold rice pudding with cinnamon, and a must try is the Baklava, 24 ply phyllos rolled by hand with a selection of dried beans.

Warung Turkey serves simple foods which can be seen both in the materials and methods of cooking. Chef Sezai Zorlu generously share his knowledge and recipes with cooking classes held once a month on their website. (raihan)


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