Relishing cross-country cuisine at Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House

Poach'd Brunch & Coffee House using rustic minimalist concept for interior design, which gives the comfortable impression for every visitors. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Eating breakfast in the morning is an activity commonly done by most people. In addition to filling their stomachs, breakfast is also a fuel to undergo daily routine. However, if you get bored with the regular breakfast menus and want to enjoy a different variety, you can visit Kemang area, South Jakarta. There is a new restaurant called Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House which serves a very unique and different breakfast and lunch menu.

Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House has special features with an Australian style brunch and coffee menu. It does not only have Australian menu, but, this restaurant also serves breakfast and lunch menu from various countries, ranging from Morocco, Spain, India, and also Indonesia. For the design of this restaurant itself, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House brings the concept of minimalist rustic. The concept is seen from the placement of two tree replicas that decorate some of the corners of the restaurant and on the other corner it is emblazoned with brick-lined walls decorated with a line of wooden ornaments shaped in wooden structures, lamps with dim lights, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Bounded by a wide glass wall, sunlight can freely enter the entire dining room. To emphasize the strong rustic concept, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House also uses tables and chairs with sturdy dark brown wood material with ornaments of colorful dry flowers.

“We are arguably different from others because Poach’d Brunch & Coffee brings the concept of Australia in total, and in Indonesia it is only here, we have no branches in any other region, therefore, we are committed to the consumers who come to enjoy the moment by having a relaxing time in the afternoon accompanied by delicious coffee & brunch, as it is in their home country “, said Owner Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House, Karizma Soraya, when found Independent Observer.

Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House opened on January 7 and it is located at Arthas Building, Kemang Raya Street no 11, South Jakarta, which can accommodate about 60 to 150 visitors. In accordance with its commitment, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House serves delicious delicacies and high quality coffee drinks and can be enjoyed by both Jakarta residents and native Australians living in Jakarta.

“Although we have just opened, but we are happy, because there are many visitors from various circles who come to Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House, the response is very good,” said Karizma.

The variety of menus presented is a blend of European and Asian countries while maintaining the flavor of the native country, Australia. For example for the brunch menu, Spanish dishes still use chorizo ​​sausage and paella rice, which is combined with cheese, bread and eggs into brunch with a touch of continental. Other examples such as Indian Brunch are still using red curry, paneer and lentils, which are eaten with bread and omelette. For lunch, this place provides 6 dishes from 6 countries, some of which include typical Australian Truffled Pepper Steak, Lamb Tagine from Morocco, as well as authentic Indonesian food, Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali. As a complement also presented Toasties and Sandwiches and kids corner, a portion for children.

“In this Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House, we also provide dishes for children, where they can mix their own favorite foods,” added Karizma Soraya.

Apart from food, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House also provides various types of beverages such as Hot latte and Cappuccino made from the seeds of good quality coffee from Toraja, Flores, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya as well as a dish of cold coffee menu offerings are refreshing with a mixture of Creamy Choco Nut, Caramelized Avo coffee, Espresso Tonic and much more.

“in order for consumers to not feel bored, every 3 months we will add a new menu, in addition to the existing menu we also provide local menus such as Iga Bakar Balinese spice, which is made from the best ingredients that we import, we also provide local raw materials such as Kangkung, Spinach, Avocado which is of course good quality “, Karizma Soraya concluded.

In addition to providing coffee, Poach’d also provides mocktail with Fruity Soda and Fresh Juice from fresh fruit, Australian Weekend Cocktails as well as Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. If you want to experience the delights of cross-country cuisine with a cozy dining atmosphere, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House can be an option. Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House is open from 06.00 am to 18.00 pm. (aldo)