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Relics of Prophet Muhammad on display at At-Tin Mosque


Jakarta, IO – Dozens of Prophet Muhammad’s relics are displayed at At-Tin Grand Mosque, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), East Jakarta until April 14. The exhibition themed Rindu Rasul is organized by Istana Al-Qur’an Indonesia Peduli Foundation and publisher Maktabah Al-Fatih.

The exhibition director Lulu Setiaji said the 24 relics on display are genuine objects collected over 30 years from various Middle Eastern countries by Malaysian archaeologist Prof. Abdul Manan bin Embong.

“The exhibition is meant to introduce and educate the public on the great history of the struggle of the Prophet and his companions,” Lulu told

Visitors observe the relics of Prophet Muhammad. (IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

The most interesting part is that visitors can see firsthand the objects that Prophet Muhammad actually used during his life, such as footwear, drinking containers when traveling, cups to wash his face to the turban he wore. Not only that, the exhibition also displays strands of the Prophet’s beard and hair.

Another collection that is no less interesting is the kiswah (cloth) that once covered the Prophet’s tomb. With a Middle Eastern design, the green cloth is embroidered with the words Allah and the yellow Arabic script. Visitors are allowed to touch it.

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Nia, 27, from Depok, said she had an amazing experience when she touched the cloth. “I was elated. It made me felt closer to the Prophet because so far I have only heard about his life story and struggle.”

The exhibition is held on the ground floor of the mosque from 10 am to 10 pm WIB. To enter, visitors need to buy a ticket costing Rp65,000 at the counter near the exhibition hall. (un)


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