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Releasing fatigue in the exotic Wakatobi


IO, Jakarta – Short holidays on week­ends can sometimes help you deal with the routine of the following week that awaits you. If you want to elimi­nate fatigue for the moment, the most important thing is to find the right va­cation location to entertain your bore­dom. One of the attractions that are suitable for you to visit is Wakatobi in Sulawesi. Wakatobi is the favorite holiday location that Dive Magazine has named as The Best Shore Dive in 2012 and 2013. Wakatobi is a National Park area that has the larg­est and most beautiful marine biota wealth in the World so it was given the nickname “The Little of Paradise in the World” or “Small Heaven in the World. The area of Wakatobi Regen­cy consists of large islands and small islands that have natural beauty, beaches and historic places. Wakato­bi is an acronym for the four major islands, Wangi-Wangi (Wa), Kaledu­pa (Ka), Tomia (To) and Binongko (Bi). Wakatobi is in the center of the world’s coral triangle and Wakatobi is the ‘Heart’. It’s natural wealth is ex­ceptional, out of 820 types of coral in the world, 750 species are in Waka­tobi. Thus, 90 percent of the world’s coral species are found in Wakatobi.

To get to Wangi-Wangi Island, my trip started from Kendari City which is the capital city of Southeast Su­lawesi through air travel. Traveling via airplane from Kendari Haluoleo Airport takes 50 minutes to Wangi – Wangi Island, the capital of Wakato­bi. There actually is another airport called Maranggo Airport owned by PT Wakatobi Dive Resort, a company engaged in international class diving tourism. Usually, guests are flown from Denpasar, Bali to Tomia Island. Those of you who are outside Su­lawesi Island can also go directly to Kendari by routes such as Jakarta – Kendari – Wakatobi. On Wangi Island – Wangi, you can visit various places such as the Heritage of the Wakatobi Lighthouse, Goa Mata Air and Mata Air Seratus Beach.

The Dutch heritage lighthouse in Waha Village, Wangi-Wangi is one of the ideal places to enjoy the blue sea view in the Wakatobi sea area. Mata Mata Kontamale Cave in Wan­ci village offers water from very clear and cool springs. That said, after bathing in the cave’s water it will be­come more youthful. In addition, the springs beach or the local language Molii Sahatu which is located in Pa­tuno village within 15 KM from the center of Wakatobi city can also be a tourist destination when you are on Wangi-Wangi.

In Wakatobi, there is a beach which is also often named Jodoh (Partner) Beach because it is often visited by local young people. When you visit Wakatobi, there is a cultural attraction that you should not miss. Its called ‘Kabuenga’ which contains matchmaking myths if it’s done by an unmarried couple. “Kabuenga” means a swing to find a life partner. According to the belief there, everyone who follows Kabuenga will get a mate in the not too distant future.

Wakatobi is well known for the beauty of its underwater biota. On Hoga Island, there is a wide stretch of beach with a sandy beach area jutting five to ten meters towards the sea, the water is clear and clean. Sunlight can penetrate into the water forcing cor­al reefs to express their charm. The natural conditions on Hoga Island are very friendly. In addition, it rarely rains, but remains shady. The charm of the island inhabited by dozens of family heads is increasingly difficult to hide when the sun rises or sets. Even at night, Hoga’s charm still looks beautiful when accompanied by stars scattered in the sky.

Of course, you will take time to dive there. The reason is, on this is­land there are at least 12 dive sites that are a lot of prey for divers. Just on the left side, there is Kaledupa Is­land, an area that has an atoll (coral island) 48 km without interruption. It turns out that the longest atoll in the world is in this place.

In addition to Hoga Island, there is also Tomia Island, which is equal­ly awesome. You can visit the shooting location of the movie ‘Mirror Never Lies’ in this place. There is a savanna with a base that looks like a coral. All of that you can enjoy there. In the distance we can see the island of Tolandona and other small islands, it is perfect for you to wait for the sunset view.

The underwater is also not less powerful. There are approximately 50 dive spots whose names are very unique and diverse, including Mount Waha, Let’s Get Drunk, Rome, Ali Reef, Kollo Soha Beach, Waiti Bay, Table Coral City, Dunia Baru, Tan­jung Patok, Magnifico, and many more. Don’t forget, Wakatobi is the most di­verse center of coral in the world. There are 750 kinds of coral species as well as 942 fish scattered in Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. As an exotic tourist spot, it would be perfect for you to let go of work to visit Waka­tobi with family. (Aldo)


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