Rejuvenating skin during a productive age

dr. Melyawati Hermawan, Sp.KK
dr. Melyawati Hermawan, Sp.KK

When selecting a treatment procedure, patients should consult properly with their doctors so that they can choose the one that best matches their wants, needs, and budgets with the doctor’s agreement. Bamed Clinic provides several types of treatment: Pro Yellow involves radiating the skin with a yellow laser ray, with a wavelength of 577 nm. This reduces skin vascularization, characterized by flushing, reddish acne scars, and vascular disorders and abnormalities like port wine stains on the skin. 

The QS Ndyag laser treatment evens out skin color, fades pigmentation and causes skin to become brighter, reduces pore width, and stimulates collagen production – all with a relatively brief downtime. The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment uses focused ultrasound waves, which allows it to penetrate deeper, cause mild damage deeper into the skin, and encourage collagen regrowth and remodeling. The newly formed post-treatment collagen is what causes the skin to become supple and tight again. 

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A PICO laser treatment directs laser beams to a more accurate target area faster, so it minimizes damage to surrounding skin tissues. This therapy is effective for reducing pigmentation abnormality in the skin, shrinking the skin’s pores, and smoothening out the skin. (est)