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Reflection medium of 20 years reformation from the perspective of art aesthetics


IO, Jakarta – 2018, is the year to commemorate 20 years since reformation that occurred in Indonesia. One of the blessings of the Reformation in 1998 was the birth of the initiatives of the citizens of Indonesia that emerged. For 20 years, the citizens initiatives have had a significant role in filling gaps that have not been or are not touched by the state in an effort to develop educational tools and culture of Indonesia. From these ideas, Hafiz Rancajale solo exhibition is titled ‘Social Organism’.

Through this solo exhibition ‘Social Organism’ at the National Gallery (Galeri Nasional) in Jakarta, artist Hafiz Rancajale tries to look back on the idea of a space of expression, experimentation, learning, and sharing knowledge together after the events of reform. Dozens of works from various medias is displayed in Building A, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. There is a form of drawing on paper, objects on the glass, video, installations, to performance art, all present in this single exhibition.

Hafiz’s third solo exhibition, is a conclusion of the working process of the artist as a facilitator of culture during the last 20 years. Yudha Mahardika exhibition curator, said that since the 1998 reform, it gave birth to citizen initiatives in quantities large enough to create a space of expression, experimentation, and sharing of knowledge in the field of culture.

“Hafiz is one of the people who facilitates the work of the joint Forum Lenteng culture,” he said.

Yudha explained, when speaking of social organism, it would lead to human. Based on the name of the exhibition, Hafiz starting reading and paying attention to society. The idea of a solo exhibition this time related to social and cultural activities with the community since the reform. He said Hafiz art practices no longer aim to produce a final product of a work, but work with the community. All of it is translated in the works on display this time.

“Hafiz sees how society should be constructed,” he said.

According to Yudha, today everyone can produce work through the development of existing technologies. The impact, there is a need for artists to cultivate the ability of a diverse society.

“That’s what Hafiz did since 1998 and it is now summarized in the exhibition,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hafiz said, the basic idea of the exhibition, which is reading today’s society, especially in Indonesia after 1998. In reading the phenomenon, this cannot be separated from the collectivity of a diverse society.

“I read it with the spectacles of art aesthetics,” he said.

Departing from there, Hafiz tried to comb lines, shapes, and the idea of the substance to be the work as it is now. According to him, collectivity is important because it is a much more massive cultural movement if done together. He said movement would never be born culture of a particular individual. Especially, in the current context, when the fundamental issues may reappear because there is a group of people who move it.

Besides drawing, Hafiz also displays video works created based on research, as well as some speech archives of cultures in the past which is closely related to art and modernity. This exhibition takes place from May 25 to June 9, 2018. ‘Social Organism’ is held with the support and cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Gallery of Indonesia (Galeri Nasional), and Lenteng Forum established by Hafiz Rancajale.

Since the year 2013 to 2017, Hafiz has been a member of the Committee of the Jakarta Arts Council. He received an award from the Ministry of Education and Culture for his services to develop short and experimental films in Indonesia, in 2013 and 2017 Arts Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The works of art have been presented at various events and national and international art, among others; Center Soleil de Afrique (Bamako, Mali, 2001); Gwangju Biennale (South Korea, 2002); Istanbul Biennial (Turkey, 2005); TENT. Center Rotterdam (Netherlands, 2005); Images Festival (Canada, 2011); Entre Utopia-Dystopia y Palestra Asia at the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo (Mexico, 2011); OK. Video New Order – Indonesia Media Arts Festival (Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015). (aldo)


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