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Rawon, a specialty dish of East Java, named the Most Delicious Soup in the World by Taste Atlas


Jakarta, IO – Rawon, a traditional beef soup from East Java, ranks first in the ’10 Best Rated Soups in the World’ according to Taste Atlas, a culinary site that reviews traditional dishes, local ingredients and authentic restaurants from around the world.

In the list released on July 31, the dark-colored stew got a score of 4.8, per CNBC Indonesia, Wednesday (2/7).

It managed to beat nine other soups, including the famous ramen from Japan. Rawon usually uses beef as its main ingredient and other spices. It tastes fresh and savory at the same time and tastes rich in spices because it is cooked using traditional ingredients such as lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger.

Taste Atlas also highlights the use of kluwek fruit or black walnuts as a ‘key element’ of the recipe. This is because kluwek fruit is known to be poisonous if eaten raw.

“This unusual Indonesian spice is highly toxic when eaten raw and must always be fermented before consumption,” it writes.

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Taste Atlas highlighted the use of kluwek fruit as a characteristic that cannot be replaced. Without it, rawon will just be plain soup.

After rawon, the second position is Ramen Tankotsu from Fukuoka, Japan, followed by Tom Kha Gai from Thailand, Sopa de Lima from Mexico, Taiwanese Hot Pot, soup from Romania called Ciorba Redauteana, Bori-bori from Paraguay, Ramen and Shoyu Ramen from Japan and Zurek from Poland. (un)


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