Ramos Horta: Easier to enter heaven than to join ASEAN

Jose Ramos-Horta
President of Timor Leste Jose Ramos-Horta. (IO/Dumaz Artadi)

“We are more than ready to join ASEAN,” he insisted.

Regarding bilateral communication to join ASEAN, he said his country has established good communication, especially with Indonesia, so that Timor Leste can become a member of ASEAN.

ASEAN countries have reached a consensus for Timor Lester to join as the newest member, but he does not know when the exact timeline is.

“The question is when? It could be 2023, we hope, it could be in five years, 10 years. I hope to get a clear explanation from the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN leaders, as soon as possible, regarding when we can join ASEAN,” said Horta.