Raline Shah: Wants equitable development

Raline Shah plans to build dormitories for students in Nabire, Papua. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Actor Raline Shah supports the equitable development of disadvantaged, outermost, and borderland regions. Raline, though Tunas Bakti Nusantara Foundation, often carries out social activities in these regions. 

Most recently, the Foundation plans on building dormitories for elementary school to middle school students in Muko Nabire Village in Papua. “They have a school but their children must walk three hours from the mountains and rainforests to school and back,” said Raline as quoted by Antara, Tuesday January 14. 

The building efforts are being supported by a certain company. “In Papua there are many regions like that. The request from the company was indeed to help Papua. So, we were very happy, we met many people who needed help there.” 

Raline hopes this movement can help narrow the welfare gap between regions in Indonesia. 

“Friends here all work very hard every day to ensure that these areas are helped effectively, quickly and correctly,” he said. 

Beyond the matter of support to disadvantaged areas, Raline also received great attention from netizens for uploading videos while crying on her Instagram account with the caption “Cry when you have to cry, because we are all human beings.” A sentence also found in the song Air Mata (Tears) from the band Dewa 19. 

Raline only laughed when her video was brought up later. “Yesterday, on Instagram I cried as part of an audition, so it was a work of art from me.” 

She did not deny that the upload received a lot of responses from netizens, with some even thinking Raline was heartbroken. 

Raline began her career as one of the contestants of Puteri Indonesia (Miss Universe Indonesia) 2008 where she represented North Sumatra, and made it to the final five. Her acting career began when she starred in the film 5 cm (2012) with Herjunot Ali, where she played Riani. Raline starred along with Laudya Chintya Bella and Fedi Nuril in Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan (2015), which won her Best Supporting Female Role at the 2015 Bandung Film Festival and received a nomination at the 2015 Indonesian Film Festival, as well as nomination for the Best Supporting Female Role at the 2016 Indonesia Box Office Movie Awards. 

Apart from her artistic ventures, Raline’s first job was working for the family business. Raline is known to love volunteer work, following the footsteps of her mother and initiates many collaborations with various charities in Indonesia and Internationally (UNHCR, WWF). In 2017 she started her own charity “Rumah Harapan Indonesia” with her two founding partners Valencia Mieke Randa and Vivy Tolgay. Rumah Harapan is a transit home for children under the age of 17 with serious non-communicable diseases, such as leukemia, cancer, tumors, physical abnormalities and bone disorders. Its aim is to provide a comfortable accommodation and support system for children from the rural areas who travel for treatment to the main cities in Indonesia. There are 6 “house of hope” so far in Indonesia. 

In business she is known to work for her family business. On August 8, 2017, Raline was appointed as the independent director of Indonesia AirAsia, an Indonesian subsidiary of the Malaysian low-cost airline company, AirAsia. Her latest entrepreneurial venture is a coffee shop named Kisaku coffee in Jakarta that was launched earlier this year. (rp)