Rahayu Saraswati; Denies campaigning at church

Rahayu Saraswati. (Photo: Gerindra Doc.)

IO – The candidate for deputy mayor of South Tangerang, Banten, Rahayu Saraswati Djojohadikusumo, has rejected the accusation that she was campaigning at the Bethel Indonesia Church in Pamulang Raya, on Saturday, October 3.

At that time, a rapid test was held at the church and an ambulance with a photo of the candidate pair for mayor H. Muhammad Rahayu Saraswati was displayed at the church. Rahayu was alleged to be the behind this activity.

Rahayu rejected the accusation, stating that the facilitator of the activity was in fact Indonesian People’s Health (Kesira), a Gerindra Party organization. she only acted as a liaison between the donation driver, Tangsel Healthy Home Community, and church administrators.

“There is a rapid test donation and it was facilitated by Kesira, where I only helped a little, but there was no campaigning,” declared Rahayu, as quoted by Tempo.

Kesira donated ten thousand rapid test kits to the Tangsel Healthy Home Community. It is this organization, she said, that makes use of or distributes the Covid-19 rapid test kits to the public.

The Kesira rapid test kits are normally distributed to hospitals and doctors, and has been running for several weeks. “It is an effort to overcome COVID-19,” she said.

The rapid test examination procedure was beyond her knowledge. “I only paved the way, and there was no campaign carried on in the church,” she said.

On Sunday, the H. Muhammad-Rahayu Saraswati candidate pair officially received support from the Batak Community in South Tangerang (Tangsel), declaring itself the “Tangsel Batak Forum for Muhamad-Saraswati” (FBT for MuSa).

The declaration of support was conveyed directly by representative Sahala J Manik to Saraswati at the Joint Secretariat of the #TangseluntukSemua (#TangselforAll) Coalition, Kampung Anggrek, Serpong, Tangsel.

This community also lodged complaints about several occurrences in South Tangerang. One was education.

“Many Batak descendants have become Tangsel residents. We hope that in the future the fate of the Batak family will be made easier, especially improvements in the education sector, because previously there was assistance to buy books for our children in Tangsel, but now there is a delay that should not happen again,” said Sahala.

The Muhammad-Saraswati was awarded number 1 in the election for the head of the South Tangerang area, to be held later. They have received the support of the Gerindra Party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), the National Mandate Party (PAN), and the People’s Conscience Party (PHNR). (rp)