Raffi Ahmad, Indonesian celebrity and sports enthusiast – “After soccer and basketball, I want to support Indonesian tennis”


Jakarta, IO – Raffi Ahmad is a well-known sports enthusiast and supporter. After having formed the RANS soccer club and the RANS PIK basketball team, he is expanding into tennis sponsorship and mentoring – by inviting young Indonesian tennis athlete Muhammad Rifqi Fitriadi to join the RANS Tennis gym. 

Muhammad Rifqi Fitriadi won a Gold in the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia. His amazing achievement moved Raffi Ahmad to help the East Javanese Singles’ player to level up with the help of RANS Tenis. 

“The more we support the sports, the better our society will be. I’m not just talking about achievements – I’m also talking about physical and mental health, everything. Before, I supported soccer and basketball, both group sports. Right now we’re trying to support individuals. As individuals, they are generally forced to fight their fight alone. So now I’m giving these athletes support so they can stand firmer, taller, stronger,” declared Raffi Ahmad at the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia in Senayan, Jakarta. “We had to fight hard for our Gold in the last SEA Games… We hope that by the next three years, we will hit our medal targets for the tourney.” 

Raffi selected Rifqi to invite to RANS Tenis because the young athlete is both skillful and has good akhlak or moral strength: “It’s for his character too. When we support an athlete, it’s the same as when we invest in a business – we look for one whose value can be raised. What we’re investing in is not about the cash per se. Investing in terms means supporting a human being. We look at their bibit (bloodline), bebet (reputation), and last but not least, bobot or ‘character’, which comprises of their akhlak, budi pekerti or ethics, and their sopan santun or courtesy. I believe that Rifqi has all that,” he said. 

The RI Ministry of Sports and Youth fully supports Raffi Ahmad’s initiative to establish RANS Tenis. By supporting the Ministry, Raffi Ahmad expects to help Indonesia gain more proud achievements and Gold medals in at least one more sports field: “I hope that we can repeat our performance back in the 2023 SEA Games! Now that would be a proud moment for Indonesia, as we achieve our targets,” he enthused. 

Next on the Agenda: Hajj Pilgrimage 

Raffi also has different joyful news to share – specifically, a spiritual good news: he has the opportunity to depart on a hajj pilgrimage with his wife, Nagita Slavina, his mother, Amy “Mama Amy” Qonita, and members of his staff. 

“We should have departed last year, but we weren’t able to. Same thing the year before last – we failed to go. That’s almost five years of failure, of just nearly going for hajj pilgrimage. As for umra, I’ve gone several times already – I think I went on six umra lesser pilgrimages,” Raffi reported on the RANS Entertainment YouTube channel on Monday, 29 May. 

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Raffi went on to express his gratitude that he has the opportunity to go on hajj pilgrimage this year. “Every time I went for umra pilgrimage, I never needed to pay. I was more than happy to pay my own way, but alhamdulillah, praised be Allah, I always get my trip paid for,” he said sheepishly. “The same thing happens with my hajj journey – Masha Allah, Allah has expressed His Will – there’s always the fortune, there’s always somebody inviting me. Last year I was invited by the Ambassador (of Indonesia for Saudi Arabia) himself, but I had to decline because of previous work engagements. This year, Mama Amy is taking me on a hajj journey with her. As it was Mama, who asked me, what else can I do? I just asked my manager to clear up my schedule, that’s what! So yes, Insha Allah, by Allah’s Grace, I can go on hajj pilgrimage this year,” Raffi enthused. (rp)