Putri K. Wardhani: Continuing to assist through the pandemic

Putri K. Wardhani. (Photo: ROOSYUDHI PRIYANTO/IO)

IO – Cooperation and mutual assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic are indeed very meaningful, which Pertiwi Indonesia has been proving: it provides food aid to affected communities. 

“We are assisting people af fected by the COVID-19 pandemic that may not have been reached by the government,” said Pertiwi Indonesia coach, Putri K. Wardhani while giving assistance to retired teachers, honorary teachers, school canteen traders and street children in collaboration with Relawan Anak Bangsa in Kebayoran Baru area, Jakarta, Saturday 25 July. 

Pertiwi Indonesia, continued Putri, had already distributed aid shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic struck Indonesia. “Initially we yielded PPE assistance to several hospitals, but later we saw the economic impact increasingly felt so we decided to also provide assistance packages to Indonesian people who were affected economically due to this pandemic,” said Putri, who is also a member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia. 

The longer the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, the more visible it becomes. “The more employees laid off, the more difficult for small people, so we decided to assist the community.” 

Various groups have been given assistance, either in collaboration with other institutions or independent donations from Pertiwi Indonesia. “The total number of our members is 17 thousand, spread throughout Indonesia,” she said. “We supply assistance independently or utilize the networks that we have.” 

Previously, Pertiwi Indonesia assisted artists, former athletes, small traders, and various other parties. “We also distribute assistance to regional students who study in big cities. They are stuck and unable to return home, while their parents also can no longer send any allowance because of the economic impact of COVID-19. These students are invisible to the official government register. We help the government proffer assistance to those who are not reached by the authorities.” 

Until when will help be given? “We will continue to prepare assistance to the community until the COVID-19 pandemic is over,” said Putri. “Pertiwi Indonesia wants to give appreciation and enthusiasm to be together through this difficult time.” 

So far around 15 thousand food packages have been distributed by Pertiwi Indonesia. The aid was spread throughout Indonesia. “Thousands of our members actively detect, provide input and information about who needs help in their respective areas.” 

“The government has done everything in its power, but surely help is needed from other parties. Pertiwi Indonesia together with fellow volunteers and other foundations stepped in to hand out assistance.” 

It is also planned to help those with recurrent diseases, so that if a relapse happens to impede patients’ ability to work for a living. “Those who have problems like this should also be given assistance.” (rp)