Puncatiti, the heritage and identity of the people of Congkar

traditional hand-woven fabric
(Source: Pemuda Congkar)

Jakarta, IO – Puncatiti is a traditional hand-woven fabric produced by the people of Congkar, North Borong, East Manggarai regency. This ancestral heritage is still being preserved for customary purposes as well as a source of livelihood and local economic activity, reported Kompas, Friday (17/3).

The basic color of the Puncatiti is black with a simpler motif compared to other textiles in the Manggarai region. The motif consists of straight lines called “axis” and is colored green, yellow, white and orange.

One of the craftsmen, Anastasia Ninging (50), said she has been taught to weave since she was young by her mother. This was done to maintain the identity of her family as a member of the Corang community.

Meanwhile, she does her weaving activities at sunrise before going to work in the fields or gardening. Then, she continues in the afternoon or evening.

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She explained that a piece of woven cloth is selling between Rp500,000 to Rp800,000. In one month, if there are many orders, she can sell up to three pieces of cloth. Usually, it takes about two weeks to finish each piece. (bp)