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Pulau Weh: An unseen paradise in the western end of Indonesia


IO, Jakarta – It is no secret that the views of the beach and the sea in eastern Indonesia is a favorite place for tourists who are already use to it’s famous beauty. Starting from the scene above to below the sea, always managed to anesthetize the tourists who come. So no wonder many tourists are willing to disburse quite a bit to be able to enjoy its beauty beaches in eastern Indonesia.

But it is not only in these places that offer a collection of views of the beach and sea which is very beautiful. In the western part of Indonesia the is also beach and sea that are no less fascinating and is still not visited by many tourists. Based on the largest island in the city of Sabang Sabang from other small islands in the province of Nangroe Aceh, Weh Island is a pretty island located in Indonesia within zero kilometer point. This place is predicted to be one of the best spots for world class snorkeling and diving.

In addition to having the exotic beauty of the beaches, Weh Island also has beautiful fascinating underwater travel. With beautiful coral reefs and marine biota which is diverse and amazing. Some marine animals that you can find, among others such as sharks, whales, dolphins and manta rays as well. Not only presents the beauty of the sea, the island of Weh also gives a feel of other beautiful scenery. The view of lush green forest and waterfall located on Weh Island forest area can also be seen here.

To get to Pulau Weh, you can travel to Aceh airport. The airport at Sultan Iskandar Muda Aceh is located in the provincial capital Banda Aceh. The airport is the only airport in the city known by the nickname foyer-Mecca. You can search for flights directly there with varied prices, depending on which will go there.

The trip to Pulau Weh does require maximum effort. After traveling by air, you still have to wade through a sea trip by using the express boat or ferry. The main difference of the two types of the ship is its speed. If using an express boat trips takes approximately 45 minutes. While the ferry time required is 2 hours. For the price of a ticket, express ticket varies depending on the class. Economy class bundled with the price Rp.60.000, executive Rp.65.000, and VIP 85,000. While the ferry boat ticket for an economy class ticket price is 25.000, business Rp.45.000, and executive Rp.60.000.

Although not very popular among tourists in Indonesia, it does not mean that in Pulau Weh there is a limited number of lodging. There are plenty places of accommodation at very varied prices, from inexpensive prices even expensive luxury resort can be found on this island. Lodgings scattered in various areas such as Balohan region, Sabang, Iboih, Gapang, Sumur 3, as well as some other areas.

Public transport on the island of Weh is still very limited. Therefore, it is advisable to hire private vehicles that are ready to take you around the island. If you go in a group, for example, only 6 people simply rent a car with a rental fee of about 300,000-Rp.500.000. Meanwhile, if you are going alone, can rent a bike at the rental price Rp.80.000-100,000.

One activity that is much coveted when on holiday in Pulau Weh is a visit to Sumur 3 beach to see the sunrise. Pulau Weh known beach with a view of the sunrise is best served in Sumur 3 Beach. The beach can be reached within a travel time of 15 minutes from Kota Sabang. Prepare your best camera to capture the beauty of the sun emerging from the coast. If Lombok has Gili Trawangan, then Weh also has a similar beach which is not less well-known called Iboih Beach. Compared to other beaches, this beach is a beach that became the center of both the local and foreign divers. On the Iboih Beach you can find diving center which offers diving equipment rental services. Of course, if you want to feel the sensation of diving at the beach on Weh Island it would be good if you already have a diving certificate.

As a beautiful tourist resort spot, Pulau Weh can be made as one of your vacation destination while in Indonesia. You will feel a different holiday experience when visiting the outer islands in the Western part of Indonesia. (aldo)


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