Public trust declines, KPK determined to better performance

Public trust in KPK has declined, and its position is now below that of the President, TNI, and Polri. ALBRIANSO WAYAPEN

IO – Charta Politika Indonesia released a survey result on the level of public trust in government institutions. It reveals that the public trust in the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has dropped, and is now sitting below that of the President, Armed Forces (TNI) and the National Police. The finding shows that 64.3% of the public still approve of the performance of KPK, while 18.4% harbor doubts.

“Before the revision of the KPK Law, KPK was usually at number 2 or 3, contending with the TNI,” said Executive Director of Charta Politika Indonesia Yunarto Wijaya.

KPK appreciates the survey results and is willing to consider the findings as suggestions for improvements to their future performance. “For the assessment to become an incentive for improvements in institutions, the survey company should convey the points of recommendation in detail, or what the public expects from the institutions,” said Acting KPK spokesperson Ali Fikri, Tuesday (12/21/2021).

Ali said KPK realizes the importance of public perception of corruption eradication, because citizens are not merely an object of corruption eradication but also act as the subject. “This is relevant to KPK’s corruption eradication strategy, that is, education, prevention and prosecution.”

“In the education strategy, the public is an actor or subject that proactively internalizes the values of integrity and honesty so that the anti-corruption culture will grow.” Public perception also portrays public optimism about eradicating corruption in Indonesia. Thus, we will use the measurement of public perception as one of the baselines to keep improving our performance in ways that can benefit the people,” said Ali. (des)