Puan proposes 6-month maternity leave in KIA bill

Puan Maharani
Speaker of the House Puan Maharani. (Source: instagram/@puanmaharani)

Jakarta, IO – House Speaker Puan Maharani believes that mother welfare is very influential on the growth and development of children. Therefore, a slew of basic rights for mother, such as health insurance during pregnancy to having a sense of security in public spaces, must be provided.

Puan said in order to create superior human capital in the future the House of Representatives has approved the Mother and Child Welfare (KIA) bill to be further discussed so it can be passed into law.

“We hope that the KIA bill which is included in the 2022 National Priority Legislation Program (Prolegnas) can be completed soon. This bill is crucial to the creation of Indonesia’s golden generation,” said Puan, according to report by Liputan6, Tuesday (14/6).