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Puan directed by Megawati to meet party supremos


Jakarta, IO – House Speaker Puan Maharani of PDI-P received a special task from the party’s chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri to meet with political party leaders to explore potential cooperation in the upcoming election.

“We will explore cooperation with other parties, so to dispel opinion that just because PDIP has not met other party leaders we are not willing to cooperate. After all, Ibu Megawati has met all the party chairmen at the state palace, to maintain ties,” Puan told Detik on Monday (27/6).

However, Puan did not disclose when she will meet with the party leaders or which party she will visit first.

“Yesterday we just wrapped up our national working meeting, now that it is over, it’s just a matter of time,” said Puan.

Separately, the PAN deputy chairman Viva Yoga Mauladi said that he welcomed the PDI-P’s initiative. According to him, PDIP and PAN share similar ideology as both are nationalist parties and respect diversity.


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