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Protesters remain steadfast in fasting and praying while demonstrating


Jakarta, IO – Students and demonstrators hold asr (afternoon) mass prayers while protesting around Horse Statue, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/4).

One of the demonstrators broadcast the azan (call to prayer) from a command car. A number of students from the state Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah were seen performing ablution from the side pool of the Arjuna Wijaya Horse Statue. Other students, meanwhile, did it using bottled water.

They then conducted mass prayer in the middle of the Transjakarta route using their alma mater jackets as prayer mats, while some other used protest banners.

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Hanan Pangestu (20), a student from UIN’s Faculty of Islamic Propagation (da’wah) and Communication Studies told the Independent Observer abour the challenge of holding demonstrations in during a fasting month (Ramadan). While difficult, he said it did not dampen his enthusiasm to keep fasting.


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