Protest to demand justice for Kanjuruhan victims end in chaos, 107 soccer fans arrested

(Source: Suryamalang)

Jakarta, IO – A demonstration by “Aremania,” a term for Arema FC hardcore supporters, outside the club’s headquarters in Malang, East Java, ended in chaos on Sunday (29/1), reported CNBC Indonesia, Monday (30/1).

The protesters demanded an apology and accountability from the club’s management for the Kanjuruhan Stadium stampede which killed more than 130 fans.

The crowd, wearing dark clothes, initially gathered at the Heroes Cemetery (TMP) on Veteran Street. They then moved to the protest site on foot while waving placards and banners condemning Arema FC.

Chaos ensued when dozens of Aremania arrived at the Arema FC headquarters. They hurled stones and pieces of wood at the office, shattering the glass windows. Clashes between Aremania and security guards could not be avoided.

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The crowd only dispersed after the police arrived and cordoned off the area. Malang City Police Chief Budi Hermanto said the property damage was still being assessed. Police also arrested 107 supporters in relation to the riot and questioned them as witnesses.

“If they were not involved in the riot, they will be returned to their family. We are also investigating the mastermind behind the anarchy,” said Budi. (un)