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Protest against National Police bill at Jakarta CFD

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Jakarta, IO – A group of protesters from the Civil Society Coalition for Indonesian Police Reform voiced their opposition against the National Police (Polri) bill during Car Free Day (CFD) in Sudirman Street, Jakarta, (30/6). 

The activists marched while carrying a number of banners and posters bearing various messages. They took turn delivering speeches while signing the petition rejecting the bill. They criticized the rushed attempt to pass the bill because there are more pressing matters such as violence within the ranks and high-profile scandals implicating police top brass.

“With the National Police Bill, the police seeks to expand their authority. With this authority, we now know how they work,” said one of the orators. “Indonesians are being tapped 24 hours by the police without anyone looking at the wiretapping law. Intelligence is being mobilized. Reject the Polri bill now!”

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The activists come from several organizations including RFP, KontraS, YLBHI, ICJR, PSHK, LBH Jakarta, LBH Masyarakat, SAFEnet, ICW, and AJI. The protest attracted the attention of residents enjoying the CFD. Many of them could be seen signing the petition.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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