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Prospective ministers: names of PDIP cadres in Megawati’s “pocket”


IO, Jakarta – After the determination of Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin as President and Vice-President of Indonesia for the 2019-2024 period, supporting parties have submitted names for prospective ministers to be chosen by Jokowi in droves. As the winning party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) refuses to scramble such as other parties for seats in Jokowi’s cabinet. “PDIP will not talk like other parties who are suggesting names to the President,” said Masinton Parasibu in the House of Representatives (DPR) Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (09/07/2019).

The PDIP politician stated that there were many names circulating internally, but were kept confidential. “There are many names, but those are in Ms. Mega’s ‘pocket’,” asserted Masinton. According to Masinton, his party would not suggest any names to the President, but Jokowi would rather ask for names from the party. PDIP, Masinton stated, gave Jokowi full control of his cabinet. “PDIP does not propose, later, it is President Jokowi who will tell the party how many he will need. PDIP has many members who have been tested and have gone through the party member selection school and are prepared to sit in the executive or legislative branch,” said the DPR Commission III member.

According to Masinton, although his party won the most seats in the 2019 Legislative Election, that does not mean it must receive the most ministry seats. In organizing his cabinet, Mansinton is sure that Jokowi has other considerations besides capability and integrity, one of which is to accommodate various elements of the government in order to create a working cabinet. “The elements which must be accommodated are certainly people who have the same passion as the president. Certainly, as owner he has the prerogative to create a cabinet that is professional, has good integrity and works quickly,” said Masinton.

As has been circulating in the media, political parties in the Jokowi-Ma’ruf coalition are starting to suggest their quota of ministers to Jokowi. The National Awakening Party (PKB) for instance, through its chairman Muhaimin Iskandar, has suggested ten names to be picked as ministers by Jokowi. Even PKB Deputy Secretary-General Daniel Johan has asked for his party’s minister quota and that of Nahdlatul Ulama’s (NU) in the second chapter of the Indonesia Works Coalition (KIK) cabinet to be separate. “Because PKB was born from NU, but PKB is not NU. Certainly, they are something separate,” said Daniel in a discussion titled “Polemics” in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the National Democrat (NasDem) Party has put forward 11 names. Nasdem Expert Board Member Teuku Taufiqulhadi is certain that President Jokowi will not cut his party’s quota. “So far the Nasdem Party leadership has never suggested ministers or asked to discuss this matter technically,” he explained.

At the same time, Working Party (Golkar) politician Meutya Hafid stated that her party was relaxed in welcoming Jokowi’s second period. The Golkar member admitted that Golkar surrenders their quota completely to the will of Jokowi. However, Meutya is certain that Jokowi has detailed calculations in appointing his team. “We are under no preasure. In the end, Golkar will participate because Mr. Jokowi is an engineer, so he has precise calculations. Let the president decide Golkar’s portion,” said Meutya. (dan)


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