Profile of Novita, Indonesian citizen killed by stray bullets in Texas

Jakarta, IO – Novita Kurnia Putri, an Indonesian citizen from Semarang, Central Java, became the victim of a mistargeted shooting by a number of teenagers in San Antonio, Texas, Monday (10/10).

In the eyes of her family, Novita is known as a tenacious, hard-working and inquisitive person with bubbly personality. This enabled her to successfully completed her studies in Europe. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in France and master’s degree in Germany, reported Detik on Wednesday (12/10).

Novita’s mother, Nani Muldiani, said her first child moved to the US in 2020 after she was married to Robert Brasil, a US Air Force personnel.

“(Her husband) has served in the US Air Force for a year and a half. Previously, she was in Germany,” said Nani. On her Facebook, Novita is known as Novita Brasil. A number of photos she uploaded show the couple’s happy moments.

In the US, Novita is said to have started an accessory business. Just about a month ago, she worked in one of the hotels. “Novita has only worked in Texas for a month. She used to work in a hotel and made earrings for her clients. She made and sold them herself,” explained Nani.

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In Indonesia, Novita lives with her family on Pudaksari II St., Pudakpayung, Semarang. Previously, she lived on TNI dormitory on Kesatria St., Jatingaleh. Novita’s grandfather is reportedly a retired soldier. The family is still waiting for her body to be repatriated. (rr)