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Product highlights in the 2019 Kerinci Expo


IO – The Kerinci Expo is a show of local products for all residents in the Kerinci Regency. Starting from Kerinci’s mainstay products, coffee and tea, now its natural attractions are also exhibited. This expo can help improve Kerinci’s products to become more salable, as they get ready to be marketed to local and even international destinations. 

The district government of Kerinci continues to push forward the potential of Kerinci’s local products to broaden potential markets. One way is through events like this for all the people in Kerinci, held in the PTPN6 Kayu Aro for four days on November 3-6, 2019. 

To open broader possibilities, Kerinci Expo presented 36 stands consisting of all local government offices, Statistics Indonesia (BPS), museums, representatives from 12 sub-districts, and interestingly present were also some startups in the culinary and tourism fields. In the exhibition, a row of potential local products was seen, including Kerinci’s superior products that have been known for a long time by the world market: coffee, tea, and cinnamon. 

Even more interesting, it turns out that the region is capable of producing coffee, tea and cinnamon derivatives that have the opportunity to be marketed outside the region. Snacks and handicrafts derived from tea and coffee by-products also have high-quality artistic value. And no less cool is some areas offering natural tourist attractions. 

“The exhibition was attended by 12 sub-districts in Kerinci. By displaying exhibits of superior products represented by all districts and villages it is expected that the district government can support their quest to produce quality products while helping to market them outside the region to the global market,” explained the Regent of Kerinci, Adirozal, Sunday (3/11/2019) when met in the middle of the Kerinci Expo cast. 

Adirozal added that apart from all the sub-districts, regional agencies and stakeholders were also present at this Expo. And the Kerinci Regency Government must raise the economic potential of the community. “There are also important service stands or institutions that can take advantage of this event for socialization to the public,” continued Adirozal. 

The same thing was emphasized by Deputy Regent of Kerinci Ami Taher, who said that every district and village in Kerinci had a lot of economic potential that still needed to be introduced. Now it can be seen that there are communities that can process tea and coffee by-products into handicrafts such as photo illustrations, ashtrays, food coverings, to lampshades. 

“Kerinci residents have produced creative and innovative products ranging from batik, crafts, and foods,” she said. 

Therefore, the Kerinci Regency Government will continue to hold expos regularly and further assist residents in creating products that can be further developed. Kerinci Expo is a series of activities of the 2019 Kerinci Festival, which will be held simultaneously on Sunday (11/04/2019). 

The Festival has been put into the Calendar of Events of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy since 2017. (Pramitha Hendra)


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