Dahlan Iskan
Former state minister of state-owned enterprises

IO – Quick-hurry up to the venue. And fast-hurry back to work.

Although have today off – Indepen­dence Day of the Republic of Indone­sia. What I do not forget: it is the 74th.

Almost all our economic indicators are not good anymore. Initially, the elec­tion was expected to end the uncertain­ty. Moreover, radical reconciliation has occurred.

The balance of trade, exchange rates, the value of foreign investment, there are encouraging. Only – alham­dulillah controlled inflation.

It’s been so much input from ex­perts. Starting from the ‘crazy’ to the mediocre. For economic growth does not stop at 5 percent. Even threatened to go down again to 4.5 percent.

If I’m realistic. Expansion is not pos­sible. Except by increasing debt. And we do not want to.

Request for an expansive state-owned enterprises has also been diffi­cult. SOE debt already very alarming. It has been difficult. With the revaluation of assets weapon even – To add new debt debt space.

In the case of PLN, revaluation of assets became a disaster: PLN liquidity became very tight. Until should consid­er tightening cash flow, who switches the lights off.

Economists like Ramli also men­tioned the revaluation of state-owned assets as a weapon. I also agree. With conditions: tax arising from the reval­uation should be postponed. Yet it is equally part of the state: left pocket right pocket.

The Finance Minister certainly do not agree. It’s her job to disagree.

But over the Finance Ministry there is still the President. Who could decide anything.Including state tax deferment.

Do not be like PLN. Revalue taxes paid. About 15 trillion. Medium reval­uation that does not generate reve­nue. Only generates debt. Which must also be paid, with interest. PLN cash was drained.

If anyone in the country I would in­vite friends over the entrepreneur. Es­pecially those engaged in export. Let us try to discuss it with ease. Ex­port anything that we can. We make friends. Throughout-length.

We rearrange the list. Be trans­posed. Tailored to the scale of priorities.

Businessmen know all that. Not a bureaucrat.

Task bureaucrats to adjust the rules. In order for export targets to b met.

Full week the discussion was con­ducted. Day and night. It must be born of the long list.

From there the export figures could be compiled. Can know how much reach. If not, be discussed again. Until you find the ideal figure. It’s the coun­try’s economic progress.

If necessary, export into ‘war Bara­tayudha’ these days. That the cere­mony August 17th next year could be more festive. Remember, the Indepen­dence Day next year is the 75th. Fig­ures mystery.

Otherwise, next year we celebrate it in a state of recession.