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PrimaFit launches new fitness and wellness products for health enthusiasts


Jakarta, IO – Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain one’s health and fitness, but if it is monotonous and unpleasant it can lead to boredom and people giving up. Currently, various sports equipment adopting the latest technology has been created to provide convenience so that exercise can be more fun, varied and can be done at home, the office or your favorite gym.

To meet these needs, medical equipment provider PrimaFit Indonesia continues to innovate in offering a series of sports and recovery products which use Heat Active-Passive Recovery (H.A.P.R.) technology by holding an exhibition at Plaza Indonesia. Themed “Fitness Recovery and Wellness”, it introduced several of the company’s newest superior products, namely RedFit Room Infra-red Sauna, Cocoon Deluxe Fitness POD, Recovvry Wellness Mat and Recovvry Mini Massage Gun imported directly from the USA, as well as offering a 90-minute training session for coaches and sauna lovers.

The exhibition will run for four days, from October 12-15. Visitors can see product demonstration directly and even feel the effects and benefits of the equipment offered at discounted prices and special coaching sessions on treatment of diabetes, obesity and dementia using the Heat Accelerated Fitness Recovery method from Wellness USA Inc co-founder and president Steve J Daffer and Sauna Strong founder Harrison Klein.

“As the exclusive distributor of Wellness USA Inc. in Indonesia, PrimaFit offers several sports equipment that has the latest design and technology that can help you carry out sports activities with maximum benefits and results as well as recovery after exercise as well as health restoration and prevention of illnesses including diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Apart from sauna equipment, we also released a mini massage gun which is very simple to use and easy to put in a bag because of its small size and can be used anywhere and anytime to relax your tense and tired muscles,” said PrimaFit Group CEO Patric Lim.

RedFit Room Infra-red Sauna.
RedFit Room Infra-red Sauna. (Source: Special)

Apart from showing off the benefits of the RedFit Room Infra-red Sauna, Cocoon Deluxe Fitness POD, Recovvry Wellness Mat and Recovvry Mini Massage Gun, visitors can also participate in a 90-minute training session, at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm every day, including Heat Active-Passive Recovery (H.A.P.R.) which has been used as a health restoration method that combines active and passive heat energy to unlock and restore the body’s natural healing potential.

Therapy using H.A.P.R has now shown significant results in improving biochemical regulation in maintaining body health including Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), which play an important role in restoring cell health, homeostasis and achieving longevity.

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“Together with PrimaFit, we are introducing Heat Active-Passive Recovery (H.A.P.R.) Technology which functions to help the body carry out physiological recovery transformations to ward off various chronic diseases, such as poor cardio conditions, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, as well as its promising role in overcoming neurodegenerative disorders associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia,” said Steve.

PrimaFit has been the sole official distributor of leading fitness equipment brands in the world since 1988. With the addition of RedFit Room Infra-red Sauna, Cocoon Deluxe Fitness POD, Recovvry Wellness Mat and Recovvry Mini Massage Gun this year, PrimaFit hopes that in the future it can continue to contribute in providing various health technology that helps Indonesian people maintain a high quality life. (des)


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