Preventing unusual medical occurrences in basic immunization

dr. Arifanto Sp.A
dr. Arifanto Sp.A. (Source: MAMAPAPA)

”Immunization is strictly necessary to protect children against diseases that are preventable by immunization. We already have diphtheria and measles outbreaks in several regions! We need to make sure that the children are completely immunized to prevent further spreading. Also, it’s important to ensure that immunization is provided in a timely manner,” said pediatrics specialist at Pasar Rebo Regional General Hospital. 

In her closing statement, dr. Prima added that starting May 2022, during National Child Immunization Week, catch up immunization will be performed on children and toddlers with delayed immunization to ensure that they can get timely immunity. “We will also provide additional booster doses for measles and rubella immunization,” she said. (est)